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Recruiting Now For Anicca Academy's Free Level 5 Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing


About the Skills Bootcamp

The 16-week practical Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing, from Anicca Academy, has 8-10 hours of live online lessons per week (a total of over 100 hours). This includes; 10 core modules (on topics like social media, SEO, PPC, email etc.), weekly webinars and practical 3-hour workshops. At the end of the course you have the option of taking the Level 5 Qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and we also Guarantee Job Interviews for job-seekers.

Recruiting Now

We are currently recruiting for 3 bootcamps starting this summer (July, August and October), for learners based in the East Midlands (Leicestershire, Greater Lincolnshire & Rutland) and in New Anglia (Norfolk & Suffolk). We are currently waiting for confirmations from Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire).

Find out more

Complete the form below, and we will send you details of the Summer courses, or go to the bottom of the page, where you can click through to the application forms for each county.

Apply now

If you are ready to apply now, then find your county in the boxes at the bottom of the page, and click on the button to go to the relevant application form.

“Skills Bootcamps are funded by the Department of Education. The practical courses provide up to 16 weeks practical training, to help adults get new jobs, or build their businesses”


How much does it cost?

Skills Bootcamps are FREE* for Self-Employed learners and Jobseekers (unemployed, graduates & career-switchers).

*Employers can also pay 10-30% for their staff to attend  (£325 to £975 +VAT depending on company size).

Launch your career in digital marketing?

Anicca Digital is excited to launch its next 16-day Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing, starting this summer an drunning for 4 months, for learners and employers in the East Midlands (LeicestershireGreater Lincolnshire & Rutland, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire) and in New Anglia (Norfolk & Suffolk).

The course leads to a Level 5 qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and has various benefits when compared to similar courses:

  • Proven success: Since January 2022, Anicca Digital has delivered 19 bootcamps and enrolled 700 learners, helping them boost their career or business with new skills in digital marketing.
  • Inclusive learning leading to a formal qualification: No matter your current expertise, our bootcamp is designed to guide you through the core digital marketing techniques, developing new skills that will enhance your career prospects or help business growth.  Anicca’s bootcamp stands out as the only Level 5 Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing in the UK with the option of taking the DMI Qualification (Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing).
  • Support for all types of learners: On completion of the 16-week course, all job-seekers are guaranteed a job interview. We also provide self-employed and employer-supported learners with business or career support, including completing a Training Needs Analysis and Business Plan, to help them apply their learning to grow their business, and/or enhance their career.
  • Grant-funded places: Thanks to funding from the Department of Education, part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, there are 70-100% grants available, with job-seekers and self-employed getting the course for free.

Over 100 Hours of Online Lessons, Webinars & Workshops on Key Aspects of Digital Marketing...


Useful tips on how to run Pay-Per-Click Paid media campaigns on Google, Bing and Amazon.


Advice on getting found in Google and the how to use Google Search Console to inform your SEO efforts.

Content Marketing

Why producing content and having new and dynamic content for your website is vital to the success of your business online.

Social Media

Every vertical should be considering social media as a viable channel to reach their target audience.

Website Optimisation

Through Conversion Rate Optimisation you will be able to maximise revenue and lower customer acquisition costs.

Analytics & Reporting

Advice on how to gather feedback, understand your audience and report on your marketing kpis.

Eligibility criteria & how to apply

The Department of Education has set very strict eligibility criteria, to ensure that the learners that start the course can finish it and apply the skills to improve their career or apply their learnings to their business. 

Quick Eligibility Checklist:

  • Age Requirement: Open to those aged 19–65, with an exception for self-employed individuals beyond this age range.
  • UK Residency: Applicants must have resided in the UK for the last three years with valid Right to Work documentation.
  • Geographical Location: Specifically for those living or working in the East Midlands or East Anglia (see below). Applicants from other specified areas can pay to join or apply for other free courses in their region.
  • Employment Criteria: Actively seeking a role in digital marketing, self-employed, or have the backing of your employer to cover the course fee.
    Course Participation: Available to engage in live sessions every Wednesday for 10–12 weeks, dedicating about 10 hours weekly for study.
  • Bootcamp History: Can not have attended another Skills Bootcamp within the last year.
  • Data Protection Agreement: Willingness to provide personal details to Anicca Digital Ltd, maintained in strict compliance with GDPR, and shared with funding partners as necessary.
  • Proof of Advancement: Evidence of career progression or beneficial outcomes from the course is needed.

Our screening process

We have therefore got several steps in our screening process:

  • You check your eligibility criteria before completing the application form
  • We check your form and invite you to take a short online diagnostic test, which we use to benchmark your progress during the course (pass mark of 20% required)
  • We invite you to a 30 minutes online screening interview with our friendly team, to answer your questions and check your ID and right to work in the UK
  • We send you a contract to sign outlining your commitments
  • You attend a morning Induction and Overview session on basic digital marketing techniques
  • You have a 7-day cooling-off period, to ensure you are happy to start
  • You join the first full-day online lesson live the following week and every week over 2 months
  • You join the weekly Friday webinars (9-10) and your choice of additional 3- hour workshops held every other week

Your Next Move

If you tick all the boxes and are keen to advance your digital marketing expertise, we invite you to apply through the relevant application form for your county. 

Apply Now for a Bootcamp in your County

Leicester & Leicestershire

16-day (over 4-months) Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for learners in Leicester & Leicestershire.
Free for unemployed & self-employed (employers pay 10-30%).

Apply Now for Summer 2024.

Greater Lincolnshire & Rutland

16-day (over 4-months) Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for learners in Greater Lincolnshire & Rutland.
Free for unemployed & self-employed (employers pay 10-30%). 

Apply Now for Summer 2024.

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

16-day (over 4-months) Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for learners in Nottinghamshire. & Derbyshire. Free for unemployed & self-employed (employers pay 10-30%).
Join Waiting List for Summer 2024.

Suffolk & Norfolk

16-day (over 4-months) Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for learners in East Anglia, Suffolk & Norfolk.
Free for unemployed & self-employed (employers pay 10-30%).
Apply Now for Summer 2024.

Liverpool City Region

16-day (over 4-months) Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing
for learners in the Liverpool City Region.
Free for unemployed & self-employed (employers pay 10-30%).
Join Waiting List for Summer 2024.

Other Regions

At Anicca, we are always expanding our service areas.
Check this page regularly to see our latest courses or feel free to get in touch using the button below.