Pricing & Rate Card 2022-23

What are our management fees for different digital marketing contracts?

You will be provided with a proposal for the set-up and monthly management of your project, based on the amount of work required to carry out the project. We do not charge a percentage of ad spend, as we want to ensure that the account is as effective as possible and we are not dis-incentivised for making savings,

Each year, we benchmark our prices against industry average day rates for agencies, to remain competitive. The table below provides a guide to our current rates for different project lengths and sizes.

Management fees and day rates

These figures are from November 2022 and exclude VAT.  

*Note: A levy of £250 per day will be applied to these rates if the work is for consultancy carried out by one of our Strategists or any of our Directors.

Project Duration & Days per Month Project Work (1-6 Months) Retainer (6-12 Months Contract) 18+ Months Contract
2-5 days/month
£150/hour (£1,125/day)
£130/hour (£975/day)
£120/hour (£900/day)
6-10 days/month
£130/hour (£975/day)
£130/hour (£975/day)
£120/hour (£900/day)
11+ days/month
£120/hour (£900/day)
£120/hour (£900/day)
£120/hour (£900/day)

Anicca Agility - Ad Hoc and pre-paid support hours across all our services

If you don’t want to commit to an ongoing project or if you only require a shorter amount of support work; then our Anicca Agility service of ad hoc and pre-paid support hours will be perfect for you.


You decide how many hours you want to purchase and then you can use them as you require over a set duration. The more hours you buy then the lower the hourly rate that you pay. Plus you will have a longer time to use your pre-paid support hours.

Benefits of Anicca Agility

The main benefit of pre-purchasing digital marketing support hours is that you will get priority; so we can book in your work much faster (typically within 2-5 working days). If it is an emergency, we will normally deal with any issues the same working day (subject to fair use policy). You can also use your pre-booked hours across all our services (minimum of 4 hours of work per mini-project). For example, you may wish to use 4 hours to fix your Analytics, another 8 hours to set-up a Facebook Business Manager account, then 10 hours to create a bespoke Data Studio report.

Anicca Agility rates for different support packages

Below is a table of our standard pre-paid support contracts. These prices exclude VAT and are paid for in advance. You will be able to request support via our ticketing system and you will get a full break down of the hours used each month. Any unused hours will be carried forward within the agreed contract period.

Ad Hoc and Pre-Paid Support Packages (excludes VAT) 4 Hours Ad Hoc & Emergency Support 10 Hours Pre-Paid Support 25 Hours Pre-Paid Support 50 Hours Pre-Paid Support
Hourly Rate
Total Contract
Time Period
Used in the same week
Used in the same month
Used within 3 months
Used within 6 months

Our invoicing, payment terms and third-party costs

Invoicing and payments

For most projects, we invoice on the first day of the month for the work that will happen during that month. Our standard payment terms are 14 days. There are some exceptions, for example for short term projects, training courses, web projects (with a deposit and specific payment schedule) and for clients with a poor credit record (where we require payment upfront).

Ad Spend

In most cases, clients have already set-up their own payments with Google, Bing, Facebook etc. So, we are happy to continue with you paying your ad spend directly.

If you are a new advertiser or you have difficulties setting-up payments, then we can make these payments on your behalf. Typically, we will invoice you one or three months in advance (depending on the monthly budget). However, we must have received your payment before your advertising can start. We also charge a handling fee, which will be deducted automatically from your budget.

Third-party costs

We will provide a quote and get agreement from you for any additional 3rd party costs (such as any additional paid advertising or creative costs). Third-party supplier costs or bought in materials (excluding ad spend) will attract a small agency handling fee. This will be automatically included in any quotes we provide. Reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence will be re-charged to the client at cost.

For more detailed information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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