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As one of Leicester’s most successful SEO agencies, we have been crafting and delivering our highly effective SEO and content marketing campaigns since 2007. Our highly ethical SEO strategies are devised and implemented by a team of SEO experts who pride themselves on staying up-to-date with all the latest developments in the world of organic search marketing.

Our campaigns are based on the three pillars of search engine optimisation: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and each is tailored to suit your sector, current visibility and business objectives.

SEO consultancy for companies with their own in-house team

Our SEO consultancy service involves us working in partnership with you to improve the quality and visibility of your site. This is usually used by bigger companies that have an internal team of marketers or in-house staff that can create content, but lack the technical knowledge to know exactly what they should be doing.

We carry out most of the same techniques as a fully managed project, except we share the tasks between your team and ours. In addition to providing the strategy and technical support, we also provide optional training, so your team can become more self-sufficient as the project progresses.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultancy

As well as offering fully managed SEO campaigns, we also provide expert SEO consultancy – which tends to be popular with companies that have internal marketing teams, but can also provide benefits to others looking for SEO guidance and expertise

Technical SEO

After an extensive technical SEO audit, we will work with your development team to ensure that your site is search engine friendly. We will review your site on regular basis, to enable us to confirm that your site remains effective

Content Marketing

We will work with you to craft a bespoke content marketing strategy that ensures your content is fresh, creative, engaging and effective

E-Commerce SEO

We specialise in devising SEO strategies and implementing campaigns that achieve success in the increasingly competitive e-commerce market

International SEO

Serving users in multiple countries and multiple languages is a complex undertaking. As an established international SEO agency, we will work with you to ensure you're maximising your international visibility in the most effective way

Local SEO

With more and more users searching for local businesses, we deliver local SEO campaigns that guarantees your business will be found by users searching within your local area

Our SEO process

No two SEO campaigns are ever the same and each project will have its own unique challenges, aims and objectives. This means you need a unique SEO strategy, devised to overcome your specific barriers, improve the organic visibility and deliver on agreed key performance indicators.

Initial SEO audit

  • In-depth audit of website
  • Analysis of content marketing effectiveness
  • Evaluation of organic visibility
  • Competitor insight
  • Consultation meeting
  • Formulate SEO strategy

Account set-up

  • Identify technical issues
  • Liaise with client & development team
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Keyphrase research
  • Creation of optimisation plan
  • Optimisation of website
  • Analyse link profile of website

Ongoing SEO

  • Creation of content marketing strategy
  • Content development
  • Content distribution
  • Identifying link targets
  • Creative outreach to influencers
  • Use of PR strategies to attract higher quality links

What to expect

1) Initial SEO Audit

We start by carrying out an in-depth audit of your website, benchmarking your current organic performance against competitors and identifying how our SEO services can help your business increase your organic visibility.

We then hold a consultation meeting with you to formulate an effective SEO strategy and action plan. We use a number of highly specialised tools to assess the technical aspects of your site, the keyword landscape, your current levels of visibility and to identify the areas where we feel organic visibility, traffic and conversions and can be increased most effectively.

We’re also able to offer competitor insights to give you an understanding as to their levels of visibility, estimated organic traffic and ranking positions for keyphrases they are actively targeting.

2) Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation on which a successful SEO campaign is built. If your site cannot be effectively crawled and indexed by search engines, this can have a limiting effect on the rest of the campaign.

Our aim is to identify and resolve key technical issues that can have a negative impact on the crawl efficiency or the user experience of your website.

3) On-Page SEO

On-page aspects of SEO focuses on every aspect of a web page that a user can see. This influences organic rankings. Here, we are looking at researching the keyphrase environment around the products and services you provide and how we can optimise your site to give search engines a clear understanding as to the subject matter of your page, how it relates to specific target keyphrases and the wider topic matter, whilst still delivering a great experience for users.

Of course, this expands into supporting content and developing an exciting content marketing strategy to act as the blueprint for ongoing content development.

4) Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is about building brand awareness and earning links from relevant high authority sites. Whilst link earning has earned itself a bad reputation due to the risk of penalisation if implemented in an unethical way, links can play a key role in developing organic visibility. Our ethical 'link earning' approach encompasses the development of high quality content and using traditional PR techniques to amplify the reach and visibility of these pieces to key influencers in your industry.

5) Reporting and Client Services

As a completely transparent and open SEO agency, we provide detailed monthly reports to all SEO clients, so that they know exactly what is going on with their campaign.

As standard, we hold quarterly face-to-face strategy meetings with our clients to ensure our service is in-line with their current business objectives.

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