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Email marketing has become one of the most widely used online marketing methods in recent years. Its simplicity and wide reach (everyone has an email address!) has seen the use of email marketing rocket in the last ten years – meaning it has become increasingly harder to get your message noticed amongst the competition.

Our email marketing services have been developed and refined over recent years to be as effective as possible – providing our clients with great response rates to their email campaigns.  Our approach to email marketing has been finely tuned to provide the best return on investment for our clients, resulting in high click-through-rates, conversion rates and customer engagement.

So contact us today if you’re looking for a new, effective email campaign and would like to know more about our fantastic email marketing services.

Our email marketing services

Due to its rise in popularity amongst online businesses, email marketing is often labelled as ‘spam’.  While this may be true in a lot of cases, if email marketing is done right it can prove to be a cost-effective means of both promoting your business and retaining customers.  The trick is to keep this simple marketing medium as simple as possible – and our email marketing services are designed to  maximise its simplicity to great effect for your business. When managing your email campaign, we will:

  • Implement subscriber list functionality to your website – meaning you can build your own list of email addresses rather than buying them from a third party
  • Manage your email lists – meaning we can segment them into any groups you like for more targeted and personable email messages
  • Create a professionally designed, optimised and branded email template for you
  • Ensure accessibility via rigorous email testing – meaning everyone will be able to open and read your email, regardless of what email client they are using
  • Carry out detailed reporting to constantly refine your email campaign
  • Combine your email campaign with your Google Analytics account – giving you detailed data on how your email subscribers are interacting with your site

Use of Marketing Automation Software (MAS) for email marketing

We can use Marketing Automation Software for your email marketing. We have created our Marketing Automation Club that includes the rental of our own MAS software.

Below are some of the other features of our MAS platform and why you need to consider using this software for your own marketing:

  • Unlimited users (in your marketing and other teams)
  • Up to 25,000 contacts (more if required)
  • 25,000 emails per month (more if required) – similar email functionality to MailChimp
  • Has an internal CRM system but can also be integrated with Salesforce and other CRM platforms
  • Reverse IP look- up so you can see who is visiting your site (similar functionality to Lead Forensics)
  • Creation of forms/landing pages for your website
  • Tracks individuals (anonymous and known) as they come to your site, giving them a lead score as they interact with you
  • Automated and drip campaigns which you pre-program
  • Integration with AdWords, Analytics and webinar software
  • Social publishing tools coming soon
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