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Expert digital and marketing strategy

Anicca Digital offers leading consultancy services to SMEs and multinationals alike. Our expert team starts every project by understanding your needs and objectives before conducting in-depth research to understand your pain points, goals, and potential.


We offer a wide range of consulting and strategy services including:


  • Analytics audits, set up, and monitoring
  • Paid search research and development
  • SEO audits and optimisation
  • Paid and organic social media management
  • Content generation, optimisation, and management

Our data-centric approach provides a strong skeleton from which we can consult and devise strategies to maximise your website’s digital potential.


Our marketing audits and website consultancy services identify client objectives and carry out data-driven marketing strategies. Understanding how to use online engagement is a full-time job and one many businesses, specifically SMEs, don’t have the time or resources to explore.


That’s where we come in. We offer website and competitor analysis, SEO and technical audits, paid media management, and more.

Benefits of consultancy and strategy

Our consultants offer a fresh pair of eyes. By choosing to go with us, we provide you with the facts, figures, and means to optimise your processes and get the most out of your business. Whether looking at your paid search channels, website content, or any other digital marketing discipline, we are honest and open with suggestions and feedback.

Along with auditing and providing initial consultancy services, we also offer strategic guidance and support. We use in-depth analytics and SEO tools to provide you with key strategies informed by smart data. These strategies provide direction on where to focus your energy to get the most out of your team and industry.

A fresh start

Fresh eyes can make the world of difference. Allow our team to help you identify potential targets, optimise your approach and find exciting new avenues.

Multi-discipline approach

One of the benefits of working with Anicca is access to a multi-disciplinary team with experience in several channels including paid media and SEO.

Market-leading consultants

Our consultants have years of experience working with clients across several markets.

Strategic planning

Our skill set allows us to plan with measurable goals and data to back up any findings.
Our team collaborate with a wide variety of clients every day, helping them maximise on their digital marketing channels while streamlining processes.
If you’re looking for a consultant to assist with PPC, SEO, content, social media, or any other digital marketing needs; then Anicca Digital is the answer for you.

Why Anicca?

Along with quick wins and immediate consultant decisions, we also track long term changes and plans with a unique strategy informed by data and analytics.
These tools allow for accurate reporting and regular insight into how your campaigns are performing. Trust your questions and concerns with us and we’ll help you maximise your potential.

Our Client Case Studies

“Anicca is simply one of the three best SEO companies in the UK. Anicca has grown into a full service agency and I frequently recommend them to other businesses as I know that they will be in capable hands.”

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