Social Media for Search and SEO

How social and search can work together

With the development of Google+ and their experiment with Authorship, Google signalled a clear intention to better use data held within social networks to inform their search results.
Bing have also made their own moves into social media, joining forces with Facebook to enhance the customer experience and improve their search results.

It has now become imperative for an effective SEO campaign to incorporate social media activity – from using social networks to amplify your content and brand message, to engaging with industry influencers.

Using social to connect with influencers and build links

Although there are many elements of a successful SEO campaign, perhaps the most important is the quality and amount of inbound links to the site. This is where a robust social strategy can really help, as social networks are a great platform to engage with influencers in your industry and build mutually-beneficial relationships with them.

Using paid social to amplify content

As well as using social networks to ‘organically’ build relationships and earn links, we also take advantage of Paid Social campaigns to amplify our clients’ content and attract links, traffic and conversions.

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