Web Content and SEO Copywriting

One of the methods a search engine uses to recognise exactly what your site is about is scanning the content.  Therefore, well engineered search engine copy is vital to make sure your site appears as relevant to the search engines as possible.  However, SEO copywriting is not just about loading the content with lots of keywords associated with your business – good web content also has to appeal to the reader and help turn visitors into valuable customers.

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The key components of SEO copywriting?

  • Page Text – Usually keeping to around 350 viewable words per page
  • Page Title – Not displayed on the page but displayed by the browser bar and in search engine listings
  • Description – Only displayed within search engine listings but helps drive traffic to your site
  • Headings – Displayed on the page to divide up the content and considered by the search engines to have more important text
  • Alt & Title tags – Used to describe the images on the page

Keyphrase research

The key to effective search engine copy is good keyword research – as trying to optimise your pages for keywords that are too competitive, or do not generate enough traffic, is not a cost effective way of promoting your site.  The SEO copywriter team here at Anicca have years of experience in creating effective, well-targeted search engine copy that can help your site appear relevant, and rank high in search engines, for the optimum keyphrases in your market.  To find out more about our detailed keyword research go to our SEO packages page.

Once the optimum keywords have been found, our SEO copywriter team will make a page-plan of your site – detailing every page that needs to be optimised with search engine copy and listing the keywords for each page (between 1 and 3 usually). This allows us to track the effectiveness of the SEO content after it has been uploaded to your site, as well as providing a reference for all future link building activities (see our link building services page for more on this).

Why choose Anicca for writing your web content?

Thanks to our vast experience in providing effective online marketing strategies, our web and SEO copywriting team know the importance of creating search engine copy that is both well targeted and well written. This ensures your businesses messages are delivered loud and clear – and noticed by visitors and search engines alike.

Our search engine copy achieves the right balance between well optimised and well written because our SEO copywriters don’t just stuff the page with your target keywords – we know exactly where to position the keywords for maximum effect.  This then gives the SEO copywriter more freedom to do the ‘copywriter’ part of their job!

So whether you’re a start-up or an established online business, our SEO copywriter techniques can help improve your search engine rankings as well as help your pages convert – giving you a great return on investment.

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