Free Google Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC) Audit

Anicca Digital has extensive experience in providing training and consultancy in Google Adwords; and particularly how to restructure and optimise accounts to improve the quality score and effectiveness of the campaign. We have used this experience to manage a range of clients PPC accounts resulting in significant savings in cost per click and cost per conversion. The first stage of managing a new account is to carry out a review. We have therefore developed our PPC audit for reviewing accounts and making recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of your account. 

Free audit for anyone spending more than £1,000 per month

If you are spending more than £1,000 per month on your Google PPC and are considering employing a new agency to manage your account; then you can take advantage of a free pay per click audit. Please complete the questionnaire below outlining details about your pay per click campaign. Once you submit the form we will contact you so you can provide us with access to your PPC account or if you prefer you will be required to provide more detailed information about the structure and performance of your account.

We will then provide a snapshot report within 2 working days. If you require a full presentation and a meeting to review the results then we will endeavour to book you an appointment within 14 days of you providing your passcodes, or detailed reports.

If you are not looking for a new agency or are spending less than £1,000 per month then please feel free to read some of our articles on pay per click and search engine marketing.