“Chatting with Robots” – Why the AI technology behind ChatGPT is the most important technical innovation since the search engine! (Friday 6th Jan – 9:00am -10:00am)

Ann Stanley of Anicca Digital and Martin Broadhurst of Broadhurst Digital will be discussing the new phenomenal launch of ChatGPT, a new chatbot developed by OpenAI ChatGPT, which was launched at the end of November and caused a storm with over a million sign-ups in a few days.

  • The background behind the different programmes and frameworks that are used to create tools and software for use in marketing and business
  • How these tools are or can be used by marketers
  • Benefits and how it will change the way we approach marketing going forward
  • Disadvantages and impacts on the way we do marketing going forward and how the tasks we do will change.
  • The impact on text and copywriting
  • The impact on creative and design
  • The impact on search and answering customers’ questions
  • The impact on optimisation and running campaigns
  • How we will need to change the way we work and/or pay for marketing services
  • Q & A and discussion



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