Analytics Audits & Consultancy

Comprehensive audit of your Google Analytics account, plus data collection & Analytics consultancy

Google Analytics Health Checks

Google Analytics is only as insightful as the data you feed into it.


Without a full Google Analytics implementation you only see a fraction of the story when it comes to onsite user behaviour and performance.

With our audits and ongoing consultancy we help you to uncover the real insights your data holds.


Our audits help you to ensure your data is recording accurately so that you can make better business decisions.

Our Audits & Consultancy Services

With our audits we ensure that your Universal Analytics or GA4 account is correctly implemented. We check that the setup captures all of the valuable user behaviour and performance metrics available to power smarter business decisions.
Our comprehensive account audits unearth any implementation errors in your current setup and advise of any missing data. We use these reviews to provide resolutions to get your business the data it needs to enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

Analytics Healthchecks

We’ll review your current Google Analytics setup to help you understand the current status to ensure you have accurate data reports

Full Analytics Audits

We conduct a full account audit to establish any tracking and reporting errors. We will document our findings and provide resolutions for you

Analytics Consultancy

We will work with your team to understand your reporting needs and give you the guidance to uncover the insights that your data holds

Google Tag Manager Audit

As part of our comprehensive audits we will review how your data is being tracked to ensure accurate data collection and reporting

Our audits and consultancy services enable you to make confident data interpretations. These help to keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.


Without accurate data you risk making uneducated or incorrectly informed business decisions, that have a knock on impact on your business growth.

Our audits will delve into:

  • The status of your tracking implementation
  • The configuration of your admin settings
  • Debugging of any setup errors
  • Analysis of your performance data

Why Anicca?

We’ve helped hundreds of local, national and international brands extract and visualise the data they need to make better informed decisions.


We have helped our clients with Universal Analytics, GA4 and 360 account setups and implementations so we have a keen eye for what data matters.

Our Google Analytics audits have had immediate impacts on our clients business reporting and decision making and we can do the same for you.


So, if you aren’t sure if your Analytics setup is correct, or you aren’t getting the data that you need reach out and speak with our consultants today.

Our Client Case Studies

"Super helpful webinars - especially the ones regarding Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. The team really know their stuff : )" Matt H.

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