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Get the data insight you need through a professional Google Audit & Analytics set-up from the Anicca Digital; the market leaders in data-driven analytics services and digital marketing.

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Trusted Tracking & Insights

At Anicca, we believe that marketing campaigns are only as good as the data they are based on. If you are not tracking the right data, or your data is inaccurate, then you may not be getting the best return on your online marketing investment. 

That’s why we pride ourselves on being first and foremost a data-driven online marketing agency. Our fully qualified Google Analytics experts can do all the hard work so you can be confident that your Analytics set-up is delivering data that can be relied upon to inform key business decisions. 

Our Google Analytics Setup Services

As a Google partner we specialise in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 implementation and configuration. We help you to ask the right questions so that your web analytics provides the answers to business questions you have.  Our process involves a full consultation with your team at all stages including pre-setup planning and post-setup handover. Our aim is to ensure your team walks away with the knowledge and the confidence to use Google Analytics and understand the data it provides. We can work with both existing set ups and new set ups from scratch. 

Measurement Mapping & Scoping

We work with you at the pre-setup stages to understand your reporting needs and the insight you need. At this stage we consult with you and establish a measurement plan aligned to your own specific needs i.e what should be tracked, and how it can be tracked. 

Account Setup & Google Analytics Configuration

We ensure your Google Analytics is setup & configured in the best conceivable way. From account and property structure, user permissions, filters, views, referral exclusions, parameter cleanup, cross domain tracking, content grouping, user id and much more. 

CRM & Form Integration

Our analytics set up services also include lead generation where we can support you with end-to-end tracking attribution from first click – form submission that captures lead source and lead id that can then be passed through to your CRM system to provide you with lead attribution. We can even pass offline sales data into Google Analytics to support analysis. 

Ecommerce and Analytics Tracking

Get the full picture of user shopping behaviour on your website with enhanced ecommerce and other custom metrics including tracking of product views and add to carts, checkout progression, purchases and refunds, coupon code redemptions, payment methods and more.

GA Event & Goal Setup

The setup of Google Analytics events and goals is essential for KPI reporting and understanding where site improvement changes can be made. We ensure we track the things that matter, whether we are talking hit level, session level or at a user level data. These metrics are the outcome of a well setup Google Analytics account. 

Marketing Pixel Setup

We can support you in all aspects of pixel and conversion tracking setup including; Google Ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and many more. Our experienced team can support you with best practices for campaign tracking and attribution, as well as help you to stay on the safe side of browser privacy and GDPR laws. 

Content Reporting

Understand the value of your website content and the role it plays in generating sales and leads for your business. From which pages get read (not just viewed), to which videos get watched and which files get downloaded. We understand that businesses invest substantial amounts of time and resources into content, so let us help give you the credit it deserves. 

Campaign Attribution

Attribution modeling is another important part of analytics set up services. This service provides a way to analyze which marketing channels are accredited with lead conversion. We can support you with best practices for campaign tracking and attribution to give you a true picture of how your marketing campaigns are working together. We step beyond just Google Analytics for this. 

Why Anicca?

Our experienced in-house experts have over 10 years’ experience in working with Google Analytics setups for businesses of all types and sizes. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and our open and honest approach to dealing with clients; and do everything we can to ensure you understand the where, what, and why of Google Analytics implementation and configuration. 

Anicca is a small independent agency with a fantastic team of highly skilled digital experts specialising in digital advertising, SEO & Content, PR and Analytics. Whether you’re looking for analytics configuration services or want to know more about our digital marketing; we are here to help with an integrated approach to marketing and to solving business challenges, ensuring you get maximum value when partnering with us. 

Our Analytics Results

"Thank you for the Google Analytics training. It was great to cover so much in just a few hours! Ed provided valuable support and advice to help our business."

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