Honey Brothers: Anicca Revamps Honey Brothers' E-com Ads with Performance Max


Increase in conversion rate year-on-year 


Increase in ROAS year-on-year


Increase in conversions year-on-year


The Client


Honey Brothers is a leading provider of arboricultural and forestry equipment. With a wide range of products in their online store, Honey Brothers aim to cater to the needs of professional tree surgeons, landscapers, and garden enthusiasts, providing everything from climbing and rigging gear to machinery and tools. Established in 1955, they are committed to offering high-quality products and services to their customers while continuously improving their online presence and performance. 



Between October 2022 and March 2023, Honey Brothers joined us to restructure their e-commerce ad account. The primary objectives of this collaboration were to: 

  • Boost purchases and return on ad spend (ROAS) 
  • Set up campaigns for future analysis 
  • Reduce cost per acquisition 
  • Limit wasted ad spend 
  • Use scripts to gain valuable insights 
  • Drive higher-quality traffic with the current budget 

Our Solution


Our paid team implemented a comprehensive approach to meet Honey Brothers’ objectives. The auto-upgraded Performance Max (PMax) campaigns were replaced with new PMax campaigns that only used the feed to limit where the budget was spent.  


The asset groups were structured to allow for easy analysis of high/low performers down to the product ID level. Historical performance data created the initial structure based on ROAS and volume. 


We started fully restructuring the campaigns working through the account in a phased approach not to disrupt the whole account in one clean sweep.  


We created a new structure that isolated campaigns based on their product categories as well as their profitability, so we could shift focus from not just Return On Ad Spend but also Profit. 


We utilised feed rules, labels and product bucketing to identify profit and performance levels for each product. This new structure meant that we could clearly and strategically allocate budgets. 


Once we had the base structure in place, we could start building out and experimenting with different settings, targeting and assets, which accelerated our growth in the last 2 months. 


Whilst the main focus was to maximise conversions at the bottom of the funnel, we also ensured that we continued to feed in at the top to support our overall goal for growth. This was achieved by introducing new channels and campaign types focused on acquiring new customers. 


We worked with Internet Reptile in a collaborative way throughout to suggest new offers and angles to attract not just new customers but also build customer retention. 


Thanks to our innovative approach, Honey Brothers saw significant improvements in their e-commerce ad account performance. The results achieved between October 2022 and March 2023 include: 


  1. 3% increase in cost year-on-year 
  1. 14% reduction in clicks year-on-year 
  1. 90% increase in conversions year-on-year 
  1. 121% increase in conversion rate year-on-year 
  1. 46% reduction in cost per acquisition year-on-year 
  1. 122% increase in ROAS year-on-year 

Thanks to these results, Honey Brothers’ partnership with Anicca Digital has proven successful. The restructuring of their e-commerce ad account to adapt to using optimised Performance Max campaigns due to the sunsetting of Smart Shopping has yielded impressive results. 


As a result, Honey Brothers witnessed a substantial increase in conversions, conversion rates, and ROAS, while reducing the cost per acquisition and clicks. 


Anicca Digital’s digital marketing expertise and innovative approach to campaign restructuring significantly contributed to Honey Brothers’ online performance. The collaboration helped the client achieve their objectives and set a strong foundation for future analysis and continuous improvement. 


In conclusion, the case study of Honey Brothers by Anicca Digital demonstrates the power of adopting a strategic and data-driven approach to e-commerce ad account management. By leveraging Performance Max campaigns and a well-structured asset group, businesses can optimise their online presence and achieve remarkable results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach the right audience. Our team is ready to help you reach new heights with tailored campaigns that work for you. 


We achieved great results with the Honey Brothers campaign after starting from scratch. Check out more about the Paid Media Services our agency provides. Look at our other case studies to learn more about services and outstanding results. 

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.
Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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