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The Client

InfinityQS inc. is a US-based global software company that supplies Manufacturing Quality Intelligence software solutions (Enact® and ProFicient™) to the international manufacturing sector. The company’s aim was to gain global market share for their Manufacturing Quality Intelligence solutions by developing an international network of channel partners (Global Partner Program). Recruiting new channel partners would allow InfinityQS to enter new target countries and access a larger base of manufacturing clients worldwide.

Previously these leads would have been generated by individuals on the ground in multiple geographical locations, which had proved both costly and time-intensive. The brief to Anicca was to generate leads in multiple markets through digital and social media channels, saving both time and money. Anicca identified LinkedIn advertising as the best channel for this campaign due to its sophisticated targeting capabilities, essential in a niche B2B market such as this.


The primary objective of the campaign was to generate leads in order to double channel partners.

Secondary objectives included:

  • Develop InfinityQS as a thought leader/ expert
  • Educate potential partners in the benefits of using its Manufacturing Quality Intelligence solutions and specifically, the Enact® cloud-based platform
  • Promote the benefit of becoming a channel partner
  • Get more quality, relevant leads
  • Develop a reporting dashboard

Our Solution

Sophisticated targeting

Using LinkedIn’s targeting options, we produced a detailed target audience based on employee profiles, employer or company-based profile and geographic location.  The sectors were niche; Manufacturing Consultancy, Automation & Control, Industrial IT Services and Quality Management Services. This is ideal for a B2B platform like LinkedIn.


Pilot scheme

We were able to implement a low-cost pilot scheme to determine the viability of the campaign and also to test content and ad types. The pilots helped find the most engaged audiences across the sectors, which were then incorporated into future campaigns. We also used the pilot data to create niche audiences on the best performing segments and negate out any unwanted criteria.


Content Creation

We experimented with different types of ad and creative to generate the highest levels of engagement and leads. We used a combination of lead generation, traffic and video ads with either images or video creative to achieve the best results. This was reinforced by organic content, which in turn increased the profile of InfinityQS as a Thought Leader in the industry, and also increase organic engagement by x5 in terms of page views and clicks. Follower numbers increased by over 500 from a low base.



We developed a reporting dashboard using Google Data Studio to provide live results to the campaigns. This enabled us to make changes using the information, optimising both the pilot and main campaigns

Our Solution

  • As a result of this highly successful campaign, we beat our target of doubling the number of active partners, with a growth rate of 115%.
  • Created video content that promoted the benefits of Enact® that was used in a range of ads and organic content. Video views were as high as 25.8%
  • As a result, organic engagement and follower numbers increased quickly from a low base. Follower numbers increased by over 500 and organic engagement increased x5 in terms of clicks and page views, and increase InfinityQS’s standing as an industry Thought Leader.
  • Many £’000s have been saved in recruitment and salary costs, with the CPA averaging around £200, which is easily covered by a partner’s first sale. Thus providing a cost-effective and easier partner recruitment method.

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We have been delighted with the collaborative way in which Anicca Digital Ltd have significantly improved the effectiveness of our InfinityQS Partner Program LinkedIn campaigns. Achieved through on-going expertise in campaign management and recommendations for tighter audience targeting, the results have generated greater awareness for, and engagement with, the InfinityQS Partner Program and delivered better quality leads at a much lower CPL.

Jason Chester

Director of InfinityQS Global Channel Programs

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