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Trifibre: Boosting Organic Traffic Through SEO Optimisation


Increase in users 


Increase from revenue from organic traffic


of tracked keyphrases in the Top 10. 



Starting in 2019, Anicca Digital has provided digital marketing services to specialist UK casing manufacturer Trifibre. Trifibre offers a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke case/transport solutions for a mix of B2B and B2C clients. This includes products such as heavy duty flight cases, waterproof luggage and other specialist cases for photography, high-value instrumentation, medical, engineering parts and other products that need protective casing solutions. 


Trifibre partnered with Anicca Digital with the aim of achieving three main objectives:
  • To increase the visibility of the Trifibre.co.uk e-commerce site 
  • To drive leads for bespoke or custom manufacturing of unique pieces
  • To ensure leads were targeting specific industries and requirements were high quality from specific niche B2B prospects

Our Solution


To achieve these objectives, the Anicca team set to work consolidating several separate product-specific sites into the main Trifibre.co.uk domain. This project was an extensive site migration project, which included the following: 


  • Technical SEO
  • Content Validation Audits 
  • Link Value Audits 
  • CRO Analytics 
  • UX Design 

Our SEO team advised how the elements above should be retained, combined and redirected to become a part of the new integrated Trifibre domain. Other aspects to consider were the technical aspects, such as tracking and analytics. These considerations were highly effective in this site migration project, leading to Trifibre.co.uk’s relaunch in April 2019.


The success of the site migration project led to the second project given by Trifibre to Anicca Digital in January 2020. This project aimed to improve the amount of content on the site and its overall SEO performance. Therefore, this project focussed heavily on high-value phrases relating to specific products. 

In June 2020, Trifibre launched a new e-commerce website to provide customers with a better UX and design experience. Our expertise aided the redesign, specifically in the navigation, product identification and optimising of industry-specific pages. Due to the success of the enhanced Trifibre customer experience, this project grew into an ongoing project, and we are so pleased to have worked with the amazing Trifibre team for several years. 


The next part of the project was to consolidate the domain authority and ensure Trifibre maintained its voice in the market. To do this, we developed new optimised content as part of an integrated on-page SEO and content marketing strategy.


The results speak for themselves. The first objective was to increase the visibility and ranking of the new integrated Trifibre site. From the initial list of 88 tracked keyphrases, we saw an incredible 45% reach the Top 10 on SERPs.  This also resulted in the visibility doubling over the same time and rankings incre

asing by 12 places on average. 


From our initial project to today, our efforts, along with the support of the Trifibre team, have garnered fantastic results.  If you’re interested in finding out we can help you achieve better results on organic or want to learn more about the SEO, paid media, social media, PR, and creative services we offer, contact us today. Our team is ready to help your brand blast off.

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.
Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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