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SEO copywriting services that appeal to users and search engines

Our web and SEO copywriting team know the importance of creating search engine copy that is both well targeted and well written.

Good website copy needs to be interpreted easily by search engines – the page must be structured with heading tags that include keywords, and contain natural, engaging copy with keywords and phrases that are naturally and authoritatively written into the text.

Website copy also needs to appeal to the reader and help turn visitors into valuable customers, providing a call to action, and keep or develop your brand’s tone of voice.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copywriting is the art of optimising web pages so that they appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), ideally on the first page.

This helps potential customers find your services and ensures your website, and not your competitors’, answers their search intent – whether that’s making a direct sale, or providing an answer to their question.

Why is SEO Copywriting important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copywriting is vital to ensuring that your website attracts new users, engages existing customers, and encourages a healthy flow of traffic to your site.

It may seem like a lot to think about when beginning to plan out and write your SEO web content. We break it down into actionable points that we expertly craft into all the website content that we produce for our clients.

Essential elements included in our SEO copywriting and web content:


  • Title tag

This is displayed within search engine listings and on the user’s browser tab, and needs to briefly provide a title for the page – this should include your main, target keyword.


  • Meta Description

Only displayed within search engine listings, this description helps to drive traffic to your site – it needs to be written in a brief, engaging way to encourage clicks, and utilise keywords.


  • Heading tags

Displayed on the page to divide up the content and considered by the search engines to have the most important text, meaning you should incorporate your keywords in these.


  • Page Text

This needs to be highly relevant and engaging, as well as reflecting your brand voice at all times. It should contain keywords and phrases naturally, and provide a call to action and a focus for each  page.


  • Image Alt tags and Titles

Used to describe the images on the page, Alt tags needs to reflect image content in a brief way, ideally keeping it relevant to your target keyword.


Incorporating keywords into your website copywriting


The key to effective search engine copy is good keyword research.


Optimising pages for keywords that are too competitive, or that not many people search for, is not a cost-effective way to write your SEO copy.

The SEO copywriters here at Anicca have years of experience in creating effective, well-targeted search engine copy. Our team can help increase your rankings for the optimum keyphrases in your market.

Our website copywriters will make a page plan of your site which lists the keywords for each page and prioritises what would be most beneficial to optimise first.

We’ll also track the effectiveness of the SEO content after it has been uploaded to your site, and suggest any necessary keyword adjustments going forwards.


Why do businesses choose Anicca for writing their web content?

  • We recognise that SEO copywriting is less an exact science and more an art - of fine-tuning pages, optimising copy and conducting keyword research.
  • We back up all our website content writing with our data-driven approach, until we help you to achieve the business goals you are after.
  • Our search engine copy always reaches the right balance between user-friendly and search engine-friendly, because our SEO copywriters don’t just stuff the page with keywords.
  • We track your new copy and monitor our content writing services closely, in order to ensure that all clients are always getting the best results possible from us.
  • Our expert SEO copywriter techniques can help improve your search engine rankings as well as help your pages convert – giving you a great return on investment.


Get in touch with one of our SEO copywriters for more information on our services, or check out more of what we can offer you as an agency.

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