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In this age of social sharing, getting content wrong can damage your brand’s name. Misinterpreted or off-message creative can go viral within minutes wreaking potential havoc on a brand’s reputation. 


Avoid this risk by testing your creative concepts before launch, and then continually post-launch to increase performance. 

Anicca Digital’s experienced PR team has over 15 years’ experience working with digital content, be it evergreen content for blogs and websites, or organic and paid social media campaigns.  


We can conduct pre-launch testing for messaging and audience reaction, and then optimise content to increase ongoing performance. 

What is AB testing and why is it important?

AB testing operates as standard on formats like Google Ads. The premise is simple – have a choice of two ad creatives and see which one is most successful, then optimise that one.  


This practice can increase discovery of an ad (or content creative), engagement with it and conversion rates – and ultimately increase sales.  


This optimisation is carried out through every iteration of the ad until there’s very little increase in the sales, thus finding the best creative option. This practice can be recreated for content to see what copy resonates with your audience and conveys the right meaning. 

With creative content. The process can involve two stages;  

  • pre-launch audience testing to gauge reaction 
  • Post-launch optimisation to improve performance 


The first option helps brands avoid spending money on a campaign that the audience doesn’t respond to.  The second option changes key elements of a creative to increase ongoing performance. 


Content testing services can include: 

Audience testing

Avoid costly mistakes in creative by using your existing fanbase as a focus group to see which concepts fly with your target audience. 


Colours, fonts and graphic design can all influence how customers respond to a piece of creative. 


Different tones of voice or diction can impact on how people react to a content asset. Our team can help craft copy that matches your voice and maintains your brand identity.  

Call To Action

Do people want more information, or are they willing to sign up for a form or newsletter? Do they prefer to download a document or enter a competition? Craft a CTA that converts. 

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency with over 15 years’ experience, we can ensure that your content is produced to a high standard and meets all relevant digital guidelines.  


Our experience as a performance marketing agency means that whatever we produce is designed to be effective, as well as attractive and engaging. 

Our campaigns regularly win national awards, and we can’t wait to share that experience with you. 


We are available for a consultation on your content testing today, so get in touch to hear our services and suggestions for your campaigns. 


Contact us today to find out more about our PR, SEO, paid, and social media services. 

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