Site Mapping

Work with us to map your website user journey and receive insightful website structure advice.

Why is site mapping important?

Most websites evolve – add a page here, a new product section there, plus a blog and hey presto! Your website becomes a big organic sprawl that now makes little sense.


Site mapping can allow you to work out how your website should be structured to allow for easy navigation, SEO and brand storytelling.


Mapping your website for a better user journey can enable you to rectify any inconsistencies or awkward navigation, or plan an entirely new site. 

It can also take the addition of new pages in the future into consideration by providing you with consistent structure advice for any ongoing website changes.


Work with us to determine the best structure for your website from a commercial point of view, a consumer perspective and for Google marketing.


If you’d like a complete digital marketing solution, contact us today and allow us to align your creative with paid, organic, and social media marketing.

The site mapping process

We will look at four elements of mapping your website for user journeys to enable you to structure and organise your website accordingly. This should leave you with a list of recommendations for site structure to implement to your existing website or a sitemap for a completely new website.

A correctly structured site should allow your website to be indexed and optimised for Google and other ISPs, allowing maximum opportunity for discovery and conversion. This framework will also act as a blueprint for any website structure advice.


Do related pages link to each other? Does the user journey make sense? Can users find the information they want? And can they, most importantly, make a purchase easily?

PR and Content

Is your content written for consumers whilst also being optimised from a Google and SEO perspective? Does it answer all your consumer’s questions? Does it reinforce your brand identity?

Visual Design

Is the information presented clearly and in the most logical order? Does it have a clear structure and easy-to-follow format?

Performance and Optimisation

Is your website indexed properly and allowing maximum discoverability?

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency, we have been looking at websites for over 15 years, so our technical team can easily tell what works and what doesn’t.

We are one of the top 3% of digital agencies that have been awarded Google Premier Partner status, allowing us Beta trials of new functionality and early warning of any updates.

We are also a Microsoft Advertising Partner for businesses with a significant audience share on Bing, and can also optimise for DuckDuckGo and other ISPs.


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