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fully-functioning, efficient and attractive website is one of the most important assets for any business. Not only is it the place where many potential customers will discover your business for the first time, but it is also the place customers go to find out more information, reassurance, and to place orders and make sales. 


Add to this your audience. Contemporary customers expect a lot from websites.

Websites need to be easy to navigate, attractive and give out plenty of trust signals. That’s where we come in.


At our web design agency in Leicester, Anicca Digital has over 15 years experience of working with a range of needs from brochure sites to e-commerce websites, so we know what works and what doesn’t.


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The website design process

Web design can be challenging – the design needs to meet the needs of audiences, multiple internal stakeholders, not to mention Google, Bing and a host of other technologies. Add to this intent and other marketing channels such as SEO and paid activity, and it’s easy to see how creating a site that benefits everyone is tricky. 


It must also meet tight timescales and budgets, and effectively respond to the brief. 


Luckily, we have over 15 years of experience working with clients from all sectors on their web design, so we are aware of all the demands required to create a website that looks as good as it performs.


Working with a combination of our in-house team and specialist freelance talent where appropriate, our team will bring you a host of ideas for your new website design.

In addition to great ideas, we can also provide the technical know-how for your new website design. 


From the technical build to tech SEO, content and optimisation, we can use our vast experience working with Google to create a website that is easily discoverable.


Our web design agency, based in Leicester, is one of only 3% of digital agencies awarded the Google Premier Partner status plus we are also a Microsoft Advertising Partner (Bing) and a Meta Business Partner (Facebook). This gives additional insight and access that we can bring to the table.


See below for how our website design process works:

Website mapping

We can help you map the basic structure of your website. How should information flow? What should your customer journey look like? 

Content and SEO

We’ll produce detailed keyphrase research to work into your on-page content, as well as producing guidance for blogs and releases. 

Website wireframe

Our team can provide a detailed flow diagram detailing structure, formatting of information plus on-page content, for easy site management. 

Graphic design

Our designers will produce a stylish website that meets your brand guidelines and appeals to your target audiences. 

Why Anicca?

We are a Leicester-based digital marketing and web design company with over 15 years experience of working with online businesses large and small.


We have a dedicated creative team who will consult with you about what you need your branding to achieve. We will also bring numerous ideas to the table, allowing you to select your preferred options.

As a digitally native web design agency, we can easily identify the branding needs for multiple digital media and channels and produce guidelines to fit.


To find out more about our creative services please get in touch. We also offer services in SEO, PPC, social marketing, and PR to assist with any other marketing needs.

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“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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