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Affiliate marketing for ecommerce

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows online merchants to advertise their products or services using links placed on websites where your customers are likely to be.  These websites are the ‘affiliates’, who sign up to the programme and receive a commission when their referrals generate a sale. This win-win model is precisely why affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular – offering great ROI to merchants and more choice for affiliates looking to monetize their websites.

Our affiliate marketing UK services

While the concept of affiliate marketing is simple to grasp, setting up an effective affiliate programme is quite complex.  At Anicca we have years of experience in delivering successful affiliate marketing services. These include:

Advertisement and sales pitch creation/refinementDesign of banner, buttons and text ads for your particular affiliate programmeSetting up affiliate marketing UK advertising networkSelecting quality affiliates for the programmeDetermining commission structure for affiliate marketing partnersTracking affiliate marketing resultsAffiliate programme management, including liaising between affiliates, ad network and you

Our affiliate programme has been developed with one goal in mind – to deliver tangible results for your online business.  Once the affiliate programme has been set-up, you will only be paying for real customers and sales – rather than page views or clicks.  That way we can carefully plan a unique affiliate programme that offers your particular business a great return on investment.  Affiliate marketing also has the bonus of providing added exposure for your business via the adverts placed on affiliates’ sites – which is essentially free advertising until someone clicks through and becomes a customer!

Why choose Anicca for your affiliate programmeJust like affiliate marketing, Anicca Digital’ results are tangible and measurable. With over seven years experience in internet marketing, our affiliate marketing strategies have been refined with precision. We’ll get your affiliate programme off the ground and share in your success as you see measurable returns for your business.

We’ll closely monitor your affiliate marketing campaign, keeping on top of issues that may emerge within your affiliate programme. Our daily management ensures that the integrity of the affiliate marketing campaign stays intact and the results you receive are genuine

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