Free digital marketing recruitment services

Anicca Digital is now offering employers a free digital marketing recruitment agency service to help fill vacancies for their digital marketing jobs.

Free digital marketing recruitment agency services

Anicca Digital is now offering employers a free digital marketing recruitment agency service to help fill vacancies for their digital marketing jobs.

We have a pool of around 50 candidates that are looking for careers in digital marketing. These candidates are learners that have successfully completed our 12-week digital marketing skills bootcamp, which leads to a Level 5 qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

Approximately half of these candidates finished their course at the end of 2022, and the rest will complete it in February 2023.  We are also expecting to hold more bootcamps throughout 2023, so this free digital recruitment service will run in unison with future digital skills bootcamps.

Our job seekers are looking for a range of digital marketing jobs and opportunities:

  • Most are looking for a trainee or entry-level digital marketing roles based in the East Midlands or East Anglia, however several are happy to relocate, and nearly all are happy to work remotely.
  • Some are also considering higher education or a digital marketing apprenticeship (e.g. degree or level 6 apprenticeships in conjunction with an employer)
  • A few of our learners are career-switchers, i.e. they are highly experienced in other industries and want to transfer these skills into a new role in digital marketing.

Why is a digital marketing agency offering recruitment services?

Anicca Academy is the training arm of Anicca Digital. We have always offered training in digital marketing and in 2019, we became an accredited training provider for the DMI. At the end of 2021, we were awarded a tender to offer the government digital skills bootcamp programme on behalf of D2N2 LEP, for learners based in the East Midlands (i.e. Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland).


The digital skills bootcamp is designed for unemployed and self-employed learners, plus employer-supported staff, that want to increase their digital skills and progress their career (or business). We have since run 2 further skills bootcamps with D2N2 and similar courses for the New Anglia LEP, for learners based in Norfolk and Suffolk.


As the digital bootcamps are funded by Government Grants, the unemployed and self-employed learners are entitled to undertake the course for free, whereas employer-supported staff pay a 10-30% contribution of up to £750+VAT.


At the end of each bootcamp, Anicca Academy must also find unemployed learners an interview for a role in marketing. Therefore, we can offer our digital marketing recruitment agency service for free!

More about our digital marketing recruitment agency services for employers

Anicca Academy is looking to partner with businesses that want to recruit marketing trainees, graduate interns, or other entry-level roles in marketing in the next 6 months. However, some of our candidates may be suitable for more senior or marketing manager roles that you may have on offer.

We work with individual employers to find suitable candidates that suit each role:

  • Recent graduates looking for a digital marketing internship or graduate job in marketing
  • Unemployed learners looking to become a digital marketing assistant or applying for entry-level digital marketing jobs
  • Career-switchers – who are looking for a new role, possibly at a more senior level. Some of these candidates already have years of experience in another role. They may have even worked in marketing and will have invaluable transferable skills; even though they may not have worked in digital marketing before.

Overview of our digital marketing recruitment service for employers:

  • Employers need to sign up for this service using the details below
  • Then our Employer Liaison Officer, Salema Khatun, will contact you to discuss your recruitment requirements and plans for any future digital marketing jobs
  • If you are currently advertising any suitable marketing roles, then she may proactively contact you and invite you to join our programme
  • She will then start sending the details and mini profiles (CV’s) of the current candidates that match your requirements
  • She will also post your vacancies to all our learners via our Slack and WhatsApp groups
  • To further support employers, we also run an employer briefing webinar prior to each bootcamp, which you are welcome to attend. We are also looking for volunteers to get involved in our Employer Advisory Board

The benefits of interviewing a candidate from Anicca’s digital skills bootcamp?

  • Anicca can take the hassle out of the screening and recruitment process – without the need to pay any expensive recruitment agency fees.

We will only send you candidates that match your needs, however, most of our learners will be a good fit for your vacancies:

  • Our learners have already shown initiative and determination to apply and complete the course, as well as benefiting from the theoretical training of the digital skills bootcamp
  • They have been taught content that follows the DMI level 5 curriculum, giving a well-rounded understanding of the 10 most important aspects of digital marketing
  • Many of our learners already have degrees or other higher qualifications. However, irrespective of their previous education, all learners have the option to take the DMI level 5 qualification, once they complete the course
  • Our version of the course also gives learners more practical skills, as our trainers are agency experts in their field, who implement digital marketing campaigns every day
  • Learners are also encouraged to study in their own time, for example, by watching our Friday morning webinars, or catching up on our library and back-catalogue of over 150 recordings
  • Once learners have finished their course, they are ready to find new opportunities to utilise their skills and kickstart a career in digital marketing.

Recruitment services for jobseekers looking for a digital marketing job

Currently our digital marketing recruitment service is only available for learners that have completed the digital skills bootcamp. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for future courses, then please sign up through the links below.

Our free marketing recruitment agency service is a great way to promote yourself to potential employers.

We have employed Salema Khatun as our Employer Liaison Officer. Each day she scours the job boards to spot any vacancies and employers offering digital marketing jobs. She will also work with you individually to prepare a mini-profile (CV), which we will send to prospective employers that have vacancies matching your requirements. From here the employers will see if you are a good fit for the role, increasing your chances of being invited to an interview.

We will be contacting all the learners or graduates from our recent and current bootcamps to take advantage of our candidate-matching and digital marketing recruitment service. However, if you want to fast-track your job hunt, then please contact Salema on  [email protected] or call the office on 0116 2547224.

"Anicca are wonderful with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get a digital marketing qualification”

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