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Learn PPC from a multi-award-winning paid media agency

We offer paid media training to help you identify, connect, and engage with your target audience effectively. Our team have years of experience creating award-winning paid media campaigns. We bring this wealth of experience to every training session to give you the inside lane on your competitors.


Our training sessions can also be designed with specific systems in mind. Sessions can begin with “PPC for beginners” with an introduction to all the different PPC techniques.

Or perhaps you want to round out your paid search knowledge with a short Google Adwords training course. Whatever the case, our training gets you ready to run and optimise successful paid media campaigns.


More advanced sessions can take marketers through the practical and more advanced processes in setting up and managing your account to give you fine control over targeting and PPC optimisation.

Use paid search to expand your channels

Our PPC training and Google Ads training has been designed by our leading PPC practitioners to incorporate theory and practice. By combining these elements in our workshops, we’ll help you understand the thinking as well as the practice.


You’ll get to meet PPC experts who manage client accounts daily and learn about what it takes to turn ad spend into award-winning work. The training is packed with tips and tricks to run and maintain accounts for long-term success while finding new avenues for future research and expansion.

We’ll share best practices, guide you through the keyword methodology, give you advice on how to write effective ad copy, improve quality score, ad extensions and optimisation tips. Pick and mix from our list of topics detailed below to create your custom PPC training course.


Topics for bespoke training include, but are not limited to, the below. Speak to us about your specific requirements for a tailored agenda.

Bespoke paid courses

Whether you’re looking for a brief introductory PPC training course or a suite of in-depth workshops

Training for all levels

Our training sessions are designed suit all levels of experience from beginners to past masters.

Multi-channel training

Our paid media training encompasses all platforms and techniques to give you a broad skill set.

Understand keyword methodology

We’ll show you the thinking behind keyword selection and optimisation to maximise your ROI.

Topics for bespoke training include, but are not limited to, the below. Speak to us about your specific requirements for a tailored agenda.


Introduction to pay-per-click and doing keyphrase research


  • An introduction to Pay- Per- Click (PPC) marketing, what it is and how it works
  • An overview of the main PPC techniques
  • Setting up Google AdWords
  • Opening your AdWords account
  • Using the Keyword planner tool
  • Practical session on opening an account and keyphrase research


Understanding ads and landing pages and using the AdWords dashboard


  • Introduction to creating and testing Ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Reviews and stars
  • Introduction to creating and testing Landing pages
  • Using the AdWords dashboard
  • Practical session on creating ads and ad extensions


Planning and creating your campaigns and a practical session on using Google AdWords Editor to create single keyword Ad groups


  • Understanding AdWords reports
  • Planning your campaigns
  • Site reviews to help plan your campaigns (practical)
  • Using AdWords Editor to create SKAGS (practical)
  • Campaign settings and options


Understanding the principles of quality score and how to optimise and manage your account and an introduction to advanced AdWords techniques


  • Introduction to Quality Score
  • Understanding optimisation processes
  • Managing your budget
  • Bid management and bid modifiers (enhanced campaigns)
  • Practical – Assessing the Quality Score of your account (using pivot tables)
  • Practical – Using the weekly optimisation checklist
  • Introduction to advanced techniques (including Shopping ads, Remarketing, Display Network


Google Analytics and AdWords conversion tracking


  • Setting up conversion tracking and linking AdWords to Analytics and other accounts
  • Is your Analytics set-up properly?
  • Understanding the key metrics in Analytics
  • Further configuration and customisation e.g. ecommerce tracking, goals and funnels
  • Using Analytics and AdWords data for optimisation and account management
  • Understanding attribution in AdWords and Analytics and the differences between the two

Course Fees: Designed to be flexible, you can pick between the different combinations of topics to tailor the training to your specific needs.

Prices start from £975 +VAT but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so we can prepare a custom quotation.

Why Anicca?

We are a data-driven digital agency who pride ourselves on working with the latest techniques and data. Our clear and concise projects demystify digital marketing and have proven successful for a range of clients across all sectors.

By choosing Anicca for your paid media training, you gain access to this unique approach. You’ll learn the best, from the best, and use these techniques in your own career.

This confidence comes from the knowledge that our training sets up you for life after training. With our guidance, you’ll be confident setting up, launching, running, and reporting on paid media campaigns.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to improve your skillset and offer your clients more. By investing in yourself you can add strings to your bow and benefit from improved paid media insight and techniques.

"I would highly recommend Anicca's training courses to keep up to date in the fast paced world of digital marketing."

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