Paid Social Advertising

Anicca employs a strategic and data-driven approach a range of paid social ad platforms to deliver campaigns with different objectives.

What is paid social advertising?

Paid social media is a way to display adverts or other sponsored content within social media platforms. Using paid social as part of your social media strategy gives you a lot more control over the audiences who see and engage with your content.

Social media has well and truly changed the world of online marketing, and paid social media is at the very heart of that change allowing you to compete for attention and engagement in a busy space.

What are the benefits of running paid social campaigns?

Paid social media allows businesses to create adverts or sponsored content that can be targeted at specific audiences based on demographic traits, behaviours, or custom attributes such as web visits. Advertising on social media ensures your message is communicated to your target audience effectively and your brand is kept at the forefront of their mind.

A benefit of paid social is that all campaigns are objective orientated, ensuring that you achieve the desired action from your audience when they see your adverts. You have a lot of control over how your budget is spent and how much you want to pay per result. The measurability of paid social allows you to report in real-time and therefore optimise your campaigns.


Paid social offers you faster results. Once a campaign has been set up within a social platform, your adverts can be delivering to an audience in a matter of hours. Paid social is ideal for those campaigns that need to make an impact in a short space of time, such as Black Friday.


There are many ways in which we can prove the effectiveness of paid social due to the comprehensive metrics available within the platforms. We understand which aspects of campaigns are performing successfully and where we should optimise using in-depth studies.

Social media marketing funnel

Target users at all stages of their customer journey. Like the traditional marketing funnel approach, paid social media can work in the same way. We can raise brand awareness and reach new customers, engage existing customers and encourage those with higher intent to convert.


Launching an advertising campaign on a social media platform can be cost-effective with great control over how your budget is spent. 


There are various ways in which we can manage your budget to ensure your adverts achieve the best results possible.

Why Anicca?

At Anicca we have a team of social specialists that provide a wide range of services across multiple social media platforms. Our team delivers all-encompassing paid strategies and management for businesses of all sizes locally, nationally, and internationally. 


We have a highly experienced team, with expertise on all social platforms. All team members are Facebook Blueprint qualified and are skilled in the very latest updates on social platforms.

Our award-winning social media campaigns are just a few examples of the great strategies we have developed and delivered for our clients, and we are extremely proud of the accolades we have received nationally and internationally.


We are proud to be part of the Facebook Business Partner programme. The Facebook Business Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service.


Our Client Case Studies

"We've used the Anicca team for several projects over the last few years, from audits to training, and each time has been an absolute pleasure and a roaring success."​

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