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Meeting Objectives and
Measuring Success

The old addage ‘the proof is in the pudding’ still very much works today, with the effectiveness of your communications measured against the success of your PR campaign. But simply sending out a press release and hoping for column inches, or posting on social media and expecting to generate engagement is not going to happen. PR is a science and it is through setting objectives that allows you to measure how effective your activity has been.  

Creating effective PR and content is a process that should be planned, delivered and then measured if it is to be successful. Always seeking to effectively support our client’s goals, we work with you to create outreach that is aligned to your business objectives, setting key performance indicators (KPIs) to help us measure success.

Measurement is the key component that not only helps us review effectiveness, but helps shape future activity and outreach.

Delivering Total Campaign Management

Before our team commence any activity we do a deep dive into your previous content and PR and also conduct a competitor audit. During this essential stage of campaign preparation, we spend time reviewing the current landscape and use the resulting data to inform how your campaign will be executed to achieve your objectives. 


Our research informs your campaign outreach and helps with managing your results. We will assist with creating meaningful editorial calendars and distribute your content to the right audience at the right time. For each campaign we execute, we build monitoring, reviews and reporting in at pre-determined points.


Content Audit

We analyse website content and where it appears in search engine results. This results in us identifying pages which need improvements to increase ranking, the amount of traffic reaching the site and the overall user experience.

Media Monitoring

Our team check coverage achieved in your target press and create reports for your business. This will breakdown publications reached (and relevancy), quality of coverage, sentiment, link clicks and shares. 

Competitor Analysis

We compare how your competitors rank against you and where they are most active and look at how they engage on social media and identify opportunities to gain competitor advantage.

Client Meetings

We have regular reviews to keep you informed on activity, results and to plan ahead. They provide an opportunity for sharing insights, learning about your plans and how they will affect ongoing work.

PR and content campaigns often benefit from working alongside the other services offered by Anicca, such as SEO and paid social media. Our aim is to deliver activity seamlessly to ensure you get the very best service when and where you need it.  

This includes internal planning and strategy sessions; looking at results and analytics and making suggestions for any improvements required, evaluating if paid support is required in addition to accurate and regular client reporting.

Why Anicca?

Our agile approach allows us to react to opportunities quickly and respond at speed to requests. Whether this be issuing press materials, creating social content to support a topical issue, or suggesting opportunities for your company spokesperson, we act swiftly to maximise your reach and to build online, and offline, credibility.


We are a partner you can trust to deliver your activity on time and on the most appropriate channel. We’ll tweak your message to make it appropriate for the platform or audience being targeted, using imagery, data and a range of content that best meets your goals and delivers your message most effectively.

Our PR Results

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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