Lead generation Ads – Privacy Statement

Privacy statement for individuals completing lead-generation ads, advertised by Anicca Digital on behalf of third-parties

Updated August 2023

Anicca Digital is a marketing agency that provides a range of lead generation services for clients and/ or for training courses:

  • General lead generation – for clients looking for new customers
  • Learning Finder Services – on behalf of other third-party training providers, such as Universities and Colleges.
  • Government-funded Bootcamps – where we recruit and deliver training, on behalf of the Department of Education (DFE) and various intermediaries such as LEPS, Councils and local authorities.

Why are you reading this information?

You may have clicked on the link to this Privacy Policy, because you have seen an ad in Facebook or another social media platform, and you are trying to complete a lead form on that platform.

This is likely to be an ad promoting free or government-funded courses or because we are generating leads for services or products on behalf of our clients.

Anicca Digital may promote or advertise several concurrent courses at a time on behalf of third-party organisations, such as LEPs and education providers.

By submitting personal and contact information into the data capture forms, you are confirming that you have understood and agree to this policy, which explains what happens with your data and how it will be shared with our internal teams and the relevant external parties.

What happens when you submit your information in the lead form?

On submitting your data on lead-generation forms, your data will be stored in Meta (Facebook/Instagram etc) or other social media platform. This data can only be accessed by Anicca Digital, when they log into the social media ad account,

Using automation software (such as Zapier), your data may subsequently be utilised in the following way:

  • You will receive an email and/or WhatsApp message, from us with details of any course, service or product you have shown interest in.
  • This will direct you to a link to the third-party website, or to complete an online application form, which could be on our website, a Google form or third-party website, such as a college.
  • You can use this email or WhatsApp as a reference and to click through to the website or application form at a later stage.
  • The data you submitted will be sent to, and retained by Anicca Digital, for a period of 18 months from the date of form submission.
  • Any data retained by Anicca Digital will be used for the purposes of assisting with marketing the clients’ services or as part of the course application. We will not use your data for our any other clients, or our own marketing purposes.
  • All data is retained securely with respect to data security and cyber security and complies with all GDPR regulations.

What happens next if you are applying for a course

  1. Applying for an Anicca course where you complete the application on our Google for:
    • Any details submitted via Anicca’s website or our Google form will be processed according to this Privacy policy, but may be shared with the relevant third-parties, such as the DfE, LEP or local Authority etc.
    • When required, the data will be securely shared with the third-party funding body, by an encrypted spreadsheet or via their own secure admin area.
    • The outcome of each applicant is tracked until they either complete a course or decide not to continue with the course.
  1. Details are completed on a college or university website, where you can complete the application form for the course.
    • Any details submitted directly via a third-party owned website will be processed according to the third-party’s own Privacy policy and T&C’s
    • Within 24 hours, Anicca Digital will securely transfer submitted data to a shared database between Anicca Digital and the third-party.
    • This database will be accessible to both the Anicca team and the team within the third-party organisation,
    • Any potential student (or employer) that completes the application form will have their data saved within ours and the third-parties’ tracking system.
    • The third-party will check the names that we have added to the database and cross-check with their tracking information.
    • If relevant student data will be combined with the original data within a joint tracking system to ensure we are supporting students where needed.
    • The outcome of each applicant is traced until they either complete a course or decide not to continue with the course.
  1. Irrespective of what type of form you complete, staff from the Anicca team may contact you via email, WhatsApp or phone to see if you are still interested. We may also contact you at later stages in the recruitment process and where applicable throughout the course.

If you have enquiries please email [email protected]