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We use a sophisticated mix of custom audiences, sequential campaigns & cross-channel remarketing to re-engage with prospects and past customers

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What is remarketing & retargeting in paid campaigns?

When a prospect leaves your website, it doesn’t have to mean a lost sale or lead. Similarly, once a customer has purchased once, it doesn’t mean you have won that customer over competitors long term.



That is where remarketing (sometimes referred to as retargeting) comes into play.



Remarketing enables you to re-engage otherwise lost prospects, to re-enforce why they should choose to convert with you rather than a competitor. 

It allows you another run to get things right. Whether that is the right USP, call-to-action or landing page, remarketing gives you the opportunity to test and learn, with the added benefit that the user already knows who you are, and they are interested in what you have to offer.



It also provides a great opportunity to re-enforce messaging to ‘at risk’ customers. These could be customers who purchased just once, or ones that are coming up for renewal. Remarketing offers you another touchpoint to remind them that you are there.

Our paid media remarketing services

At Anicca we make remarketing a key part of any paid media campaign that we run. Users who are already familiar with your brand, and past customers are very often a lot cheaper to get over the line and convert, and we always push to capitalise on that to drive you the best return.

As a united paid media team, we also champion a multi-platform approach, where we take users from one platform (such as Google Shopping) and retarget to these same users with products they have been browsing on your website on sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Display remarketing

Display remarketing allows you to place visual ads on 3rd party websites based on users who have previously been to your website. These customers may have visited set pages or taken specific actions previously.

RLSA (Search remarketing)

Search remarketing or RLSA ads allow you to deliver ads to specific users when they conduct a search in Google. These could be YouTube audiences, website audiences or custom email audiences.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is a technique within Google Ads and social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. It displays product ads to users based on which products they have viewed on your website.

Video remarketing

Through YouTube and Facebook ads you can deliver video remarketing in a number of formats, including video sequences to guide users through the sales funnel.

Our services cover Facebook remarketing, Google Ads remarketing, LinkedIn remarketing and more.
We build a strategy to get your ads in front of your customers or prospects when it matters most, whatever platform they are using.

Why Anicca?

With Anicca as your paid media agency, you can expect exciting and engaging remarketing campaign ideas to bring prospects and customers alike back for more. As a Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Preferred Partner we are always up to date on new releases that can help us to further supercharge your remarketing campaigns.

We have worked with local, national and international brands to get customers back to their websites through remarketing techniques on paid media channels. Reach out to Anicca today to start a conversation on how we can help you to re-engage lost prospects and customers through effective remarketing strategies.

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"We have been very happy with the overall project so far, we have seen significant improvements in our campaigns and continue to improve our operations.”

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