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What is reputation management?

In today’s world of virtually instantaneous communications you need to be more proactive than ever in managing your reputation across the web. 


Reputation management is about ensuring that your activity aligns with your brand values, your messaging and your strategic objectives and safeguarding your online persona and people’s perception of it. And that’s where we can help.

Mistakes can happen, that’s a fact. And when they happen in full view of clients, competitors or the public, they can appear so much worse than they truly are.


Anicca can provide advice, guidance and expertise in reputation management to prevent PR mistakes happening in the first place, to handle problems if they do arise and to emerge stronger on the other side.

Our reputation management services

Many businesses only encounter reputation management when a crisis hits and unwelcome attention is focused on their operations. However, by taking the initiative and actively establishing and promoting your reputation across the web and promoting your brand and its values, you will be far better placed to deal with pressure situations when they do occur.

Our approach to reputation management covers four key areas;

  • Positive action
  • Prevention
  • Crisis management
  • Restoration

Positive action

By maintaining a consistent and constant feed of brand-enhancing and reinforcing messaging, closely aligned to your activity you can build a stronger position from which to defend if ever needed.


Take time to understand where the risks are within your business and its operations. Plan for the worst case scenario and a range of other scenarios too. No business is faultless so look for where you can.

Crisis management

At some point, some form of crisis will hit and at that point it is critical to maintain a level head and avoid panic at all costs. Through expert advice and training, we advise on ways to handle these difficult times.


We will help you weather the storm.


All crises pass in time. However, following the right course of action can make the difference between simply surviving intact or thriving after the fact. We will work with you to help you emerge stronger, surer and sturdier.
There is a risk that by the time you realise that you need reputation and crisis management training, it could already be too late. We never want anyone to be in that position and as the saying goes, ‘plan for the best and prepare for the worst’. We will help you to achieve both of these.
Our reputation management training is delivered according to your specific needs and individual circumstances and covers multiple scenarios of varying complexity. We can deliver exactly what you need for your team, no matter the size.

Why Anicca?

Anicca’s reputation management training is delivered by experts within our PR and Content team, with many years of experience and extensive first-hand knowledge of a range of sectors and industries.
Drawing on this experience, we offer training based on numerous hypothetical circumstances and also drawn from real-life events, providing the ideal balance of classroom theory and real-world practicality.

Our Client Case Studies

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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