Digital Marketing Survey 2021 – A Recap and Review of The Key Findings (Friday 23rd April)


Ann Stanley will be presenting this week’s webinar on the key findings of our 2021 Digital Marketing Survey.

Early this year we carried out a survey of marketing professionals to ask around 20 key questions about their marketing and digital marketing.

We have now crunched the number and created some useful graphs to present the data to you during this webinar! However, the real value is the insights and how you can benchmark yourself against the other participants; to see if your marketing team is prepared to keep pace and invest enough in the various channels and activities.


  • About the businesses that took part, their routes to market and how they carry out their marketing
  • Which marketing channels were most commonly used and which ones work?
  • The levels of marketing skills within these organisations
  • Their business and marketing objectives for 2021
  • What has changed since 2020?
  • Marketing budgets and how they have changed
  • Which emerging technologies are important or a threat
  • The areas where businesses need help or advice

Download the PDF