An introduction to optimising content for search engine optimisation – SEO (21st August)

In this webinar Sukh Singh, Head of SEO at Anicca Digital, gives us a beginner’s guide to optimising content for search engine optimisation (SEO).  He looks at the basics of SEO, defining ‘content’ and why content is important for SEO, and various ways content can be optimised to rank keywords and encourage engagement.


  • Content basics
    • What is content and what can it do for us?
  • SEO basics
  • How to optimise content for SEO
    • Target audience
    • Keyphrase research
    • Page plan
    • Optimise title and meta tags
    • Optimise body content
    • Optimise internal links
    • Optimise images
    • Optimisation by types of pages
  • Appendix
    • Monitor your optimised content
    • Featured snippets
    • Google algorithm update
    • Content marketing process


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