How to market your webinars & lessons learned from running free weekly webinars for a year (22nd January)

In this webinar, Ann Stanley will summarise some of the key issues around setting up and promoting a webinar for your business. Ann will explain how this evolved over the year and which marketing channels helped us to achieve 100-200 registrations every week.

When all events were cancelled in March 2020, Anicca immediately implemented a programme of free weekly webinars to help other businesses with their knowledge of digital marketing. Nearly a year later we have presented nearly 50 webinars on a whole range of subjects.

I have also delved into the data we collect from each webinar to get a really good understanding of the most popular topics, and the patterns for users registering and attending these events.

At the end of this webinar, you will have a good idea of how to create your own programme of virtual events, including tips on promotions, subjects and likely results you will achieve.


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