How to use Audio and Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising to Market your Business (Friday 9th July, 9:00am)

This week’s webinar will be presented by Ann Stanley with our Guest speaker; Chris Templeman, Regional Sales Manager for Global Media.

Global Media are well-known for their radio stations, such as Heart, Capital, Classic and LBC, however, they also own most of the billboards in the country!

Chris will provide us with an overview of the main advertsing techniques offered by Global Media:
• Audio (traditional and online radio, streaming and podcasts)
• Out-Of-Home or OOH (billboards, buses, trains, bus stops etc.)

He will explain how you can use these advertising channels to build your brand or drive leads and sales, from a surprising low budget!

Global believe that every business should be famous within their marketplace. They do this by providing traditional and digital advertising opportunities across two main advertising channels, that reaches 98% of all UK adults:

This is anything you hear through traditional or smart (digital) speakers, in your car, on your laptop or via your mobile phone. This could be when you are listening to music, audio streaming and/or during your favourite podcasts.

Traditionally, you would buy radio ads by choosing a radio station, which is broadcast via a radio transmitter to a specifc area. The radio station would be heard within this geographical region (you may remember Leicester Sound), allowing national or local business to target audiences in that region. When purchasing ads, you would buy time slots e.g. a 30 second ad at various times throughout the day (or night).

Now, these ads can also be broadcast digitally or via Digital Audio exchange (DAXX). This means that they can target the profile of individual users, in a similar way as ad targeting in Facebook or Display advertising.

Whenever you are traveling around town, you will see OOH advertising everywhere, on billboards, buses, bus stops and even at airports and on the underground. You will also notice that many of the traditional “poster” sites have now been replaced with digital screens. Targeting is much more about location and what types of audiences see these advertising sites.

OOH is one of the cheapest forms of advertising and is great for driving brand awareness to a local audience.


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