How to use ChatGPT in your marketing & tips on practical prompting (Friday 23rd February)

Founder And CEO of Anicca Digital, Ann will review the latest updates in ChatGPT and explain the benefits of using the paid version vs the free version.

Ann will work through various practical examples of how you can use generative AI to improve your effectiveness within your marketing role.

Ann shows examples of great prompts (instructions), which can be used to speed up your everyday tasks, to inspire you or to act as your office assistant. This will include the use of iterative/layered prompts and templates to maximise the quality of the output.

The contents of the presentation are outlined below:

Getting Started

  • What is ChatGPT & how to use it
  • Getting the most relevant response
  • Upgrade to ChatGPT Pro

Prompt Engineering

  • Use cases on using prompt engineering
  • Using templates

Accessing extra data

  • Going online
  • Attaching a document

Plug-Ins & GPT’s

  • Plugins
  • GPT’s – Recipe of pre-configured prompts


  • Creating Code
  • Creating Images (DALL-E)
  • Comparing search results vs ChatGPT, Bing, Gemini and Claude
  • Text Generator AI
  • Copilot in Word
  • Creating Cinema Quality Video

You can watch the video below:
Go to around 6 mins, to skip the introduction and poll results.


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