Top tips for creating and distributing video content to promote your business (April 17th)

Video is the fastest-growing format online and results in the highest levels of engagement, which is a good reason for using video content as part of your digital marketing strategy. In this webinar, Chris Dowse will provide some useful tips for creating and distributing video content, irrespective of your budget.

Chris is Head of Social Media at Anicca Digital, having joined us a year ago from Center Parcs. He has many years of experience in creating and distributing video content, as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. This has included overseeing the production of national TV ads, as well as low budget DIY video content shot on smartphones and DSLR cameras for distribution on social media and digital channels.

During this interactive webinar, Chris will explain how you can use various channels to distribute video content, and how you need different production techniques and formats for each of these platforms. Chris will also provide some top tips and some tools that you can use to help improve engagement with your content.


  • How much budget do you need for video content?
  • What size and aspect ratio should your video be, and how long should your video content be?
  • When does your video need captions?
  • What channels are you going to use to distribute your video content?
  • How can other ads and channels leverage your video viewers for an integrated approach?


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