Webinar with Verifone – The Impact of Social Search & Generative AI on Search Engines

Webinar for CommerceNow for Verifone – 20th June 2024

Ann Stanley, Founder & CEO of Anicca Digital, leads an award-winning digital marketing agency in Leicester, providing data-driven solutions for ecommerce and established brands for 17 years. She frequently speaks at conferences on search, shopping, and strategy. In today’s talk, she will share insights on the following topics:

  • Role of Search in Traffic Generation: Google remains the dominant referrer, though smaller search engines are growing in importance.
  • Expanding Search Horizons: Platforms like TikTok are increasingly preferred by Gen Z, surpassing traditional engines.
  • Impact of Generative AI on Search: AI advancements like ChatGPT-4o and Google’s AI Overviews are transforming search results and traffic patterns.
  • Optimising for Generative AI Search: SEO strategies must adapt to include generative AI data for better visibility. This new field of Generative Search Optimisation (GSO) will change the role of marketing teams
  • Conclusions and Trends: Google remains crucial despite new competitors, with AI and social platforms playing larger roles in search and discovery.


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