What are OKR’s and how to use them to implement your business or marketing strategy (Friday 25th June, 9:00am)

In this week’s webinar, the two directors at Anicca Digital (Ann Stanley and Darren Wynn), will be discussing how they have been using OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) to radically change the way they (and the senior management team) run the Anicca business.

This webinar will be an interesting mix of theory, practical techniques, what we actually achieved and a general chat on how you can use OKR’s to manage your own business (whatever it’s size)


  • What’s the difference between planning and strategy?
  • The elements of building your business (or marketing) strategy
  • Models and frameworks that you can use
  • How to use OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) to implement your agreed strategy
  • The role of the leadership team and the rest of your staff to hit your targets
  • Tips and helpful resources



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