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Fast and effective Google penalty recovery services

Have you seen a drop in organic visits to your site in the past five years? If so, it is possible that your site could have penalised by one of Google’s algorithms or potentially a manual action penalty. The key to a quick Google penalty recovery is to identify the issue early on and act immediately to eliminate the root cause of the issue.

Google’s Penguin algorithm update (first launched in April 2012) targeted sites with low quality and unnatural link profiles and resulted in thousands of websites losing their visibility in the search results overnight.

This algorithm has since been incorporated into Google’s core algorithm, which means it now updates in real-time.

The good news from this is that the work we will do to clean up your backlink profile will be reflected in the Google SERPs in real-time (within days) rather than waiting for months or even years for an algorithm update to see an improvement.

What is the removal and disavow process?

The process itself involves identifying and removing ‘bad’ or ‘spammy’ links that can harm the search engine credibility of your website. It requires manually analysing each linking website before contacting webmasters for the removal of links.

This includes the following steps:

  • A detailed link audit to identify links to be removed; assessing linking domain/page value using metrics such as domain/page ratings, any known spam ratings, checking for link networks, site-wide links and manually assessing individual pages for quality of content and UX
  • Contact webmasters in order to try to remove spammy links (documenting the whole process)
  • Contacting Google to disavow any remaining links that you have been able to remove and showing evidence of the steps you have made to clean-up the links yourself

In addition to the time taken to carry out this process, it can also drag on for a number of weeks while you chase webmasters or wait for a response from Google. During this time your business may be suffering, so we can help by utilising short term PPC or other methods to support you while your site recovers.

Admittedly, this task is as laborious as it sounds, but having cleansed the link profiles of many affected sites, our SEO team have great experience in making sure this whole process is taken care of.  Furthermore, we can advise on how best to rebuild your link profile by gaining good, healthy links to ensure optimum search engine rankings.

Avoiding link penalties and employing best practice

Quite often websites can gain bad links without realising, through employing outdated SEO practices in earnest, which go against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Some of these techniques may include:

  • Knowingly or un-knowingly signing up to link networks and link schemes; some directories may seem legitimate on the surface but may be part of networks with temporarily high, artificial authority, that will ultimately get penalised and pass-on negative authority to your site
  • Paid/sponsored blog posts; where it appears that a website exchanges links for money, Google may pick up in this and penalise that website and yours
  • Negative SEO; a competitor may build links to your site on sites which go against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (house spammy content, provide poor UX, and so on)

The simple solution to avoiding any penalisation issues is to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and before placing a link on a website asking yourself: Would someone actually use this website and would someone find this link useful?









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