Website Launch & Migrations

Let us manage your website launch and migration with no disruption to your business

Launching a new website can seem like a daunting task as there can be several moving parts to account for and a set of goals to achieve within a certain time frame.

This gets particularly complicated if you are planning on doing the following tasks:

  • Re-designing an entire navigation or folder structure
  • Changing key user experience elements on the site
  • Migrating to a new domain
  • Migrating to HTTPS secure protocol (
  • Migrating to a new CMS (content management system)

If you have any current organic SEO authority and user engagement on the website that helps to generate leads or sales, the above tasks would need to be carried out very carefully as you DO NOT want to lose any current organic visibility, traffic, enquiries and sales.

Our goal is to enable no disruption to your business whatsoever while we plan and implement a site launch or migration with you. We stick to any timelines or business KPI’s you may have during the project.

How we can help with your website launch or migration

Whether it’s a small lead generation website, content-rich website with excellent organic visibility, high-conversion ecommerce website or large international website, we can help you successfully plan and launch your website to a specific deadline and set of goals. At Anicca Digital we have a team of technical SEO consultants with over 15 years of experience in successfully launching and migrating websites. We will set targets against a timeline and manage multiple stake-holders, whether they are UK based or in different countries.

Our approach

We will plan the site launch with you as early as possible, listing the elements you require on the site from design and navigation considerations, functionality elements on individual pages, tracking and redirects. We can join the process early during the planning phase but are also able to join the later in the pre and post launch phase too, depending on how far along you are.

One of our main goals is to ensure that there’s as little disruption to your business as possible during a site launch. To ensure this, our technical SEO team will start with a detailed technical and on-page SEO analysis of your website, identifying every element that contributes towards organic search performance, engagement, enquiries and sales. We will then list any issues that need be resolved, any missing elements that need adding and go through every task based on their short-term effect to your business and prioritise their roll out.

The Anicca Digital Website Launch and Migration Guide

Essential pre-launch activities:

  • Audit website tracking / set-up or configure for site move
  • Establish benchmark performance using analytics
  • Technical and on-page SEO audit of current and new site
  • Content value audit for migration, consolidation or redirect strategy
  • Detailed redirect strategy

Essential launch and post-launch activities:

  • Monitoring of site performance against benchmark results
  • Monitoring of search engine indexation
  • Technical / on-page SEO re-audit and support outstanding technical website changes
  • Thorough redirect testing and resolution support

Optional activities:

  • New navigation mapping
  • New UX evaluation / support
  • Backlink profile and link distribution audit

Note: we will also consider any tasks you have in mind that are not on these lists.

We will effectively become an extended member of your team and manage a whole project for you. We can also collaborate with your existing team and incorporate existing targets.

If you would like to discuss a website launch or migration project with us get in touch and we will go through your project requirements and propose a plan that meets them.

If you would like to read more about what’s involved in this process please read our Website Launch and Migration Guide.

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