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What is audience management?

Audience management can be challenging for even the largest enterprises. The idea is to efficiently monitor, source, manage, analyse, and define all customer data from a company’s social media channels ensuring that each campaign reaches the right audience at the right moments on the most appropriate channel.

Managing this audience is important for long-term value whether that be to increase sales of a product or service or just to reduce advertising cost. Our team is well-versed in audience management and can support your campaigns with insight and guidance.

Taking care of your audience

We want to be able to maximise the audiences that engage with your campaigns and ads. We also want to know why other audiences may not have been so successful in engagement. This is what we see as audience management. We split success and apply different rules. 

Audience groups adapt continuously. We will see users from our audience groups leaving and entering as they move through their own personal circumstance changes. That’s why we take adapting seriously and have multiple onboarding and servicing strategies to appeal to every audience group.

Streamline data

You are probably collecting a lot of data from emails, social media, e-commerce, mobile apps and more. We can conveniently store all this in one place for easy viewing.

Reduce ad waste

With audience building and retargeting you are able to choose who see your message and only focus on the most important audience which would reduce ad waste.

Optimise devices

Your audience access information on various devices throughout the customer journey cycle. We help you gain insight into your users’ journeys.

Reaching audience

We can open up a world of new audiences using audience extension or look-alike models to grow the size of your targeted audience.

Why Anicca?

As an audience first agency. We appreciate that these groups and the management of them is integral to your success in digital, and we take that very seriously.


We nurture audiences and feed them the content that we know will work from our experience and campaign results.



To do this we look closely at the performance of our campaigns, measuring on a regular basis and adapting them in real-time based on elements that are targeted at the various audience groups. 

Our team also carry out A/B testing on our social media output to make sure you are always targeting the right groups of users.



So, when it comes around to launching a new product or service, or simply re-running a campaign for retargeting, we know that we will have the right approach to make the biggest impact.


Whatever your KPI is. All of our marketing services have been designed so that we can fulfil your needs through your entire journey, no matter what you require. 

Our Client Case Studies

"We've used the Anicca team for several projects over the last few years, from audits to training, and each time has been an absolute pleasure and a roaring success."​

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