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Our social media audits and consultancy services provide key insights into your organisation’s social media performance

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Social media audits that deliver for your organisation

Social media is easy to measure but can be difficult to deliver an ROI. Our social media audit and consultancy services include reviewing the financial, marketing and content performance of your social media function to determine its value.


We can report if social media is delivering for your brand, and how you rank against your competitors and your industry. We can also review messaging and visual imagery to ensure your content is on-brand.


Having an audit report performed on your current campaigns will give you a specific snapshot of your organisation’s social media performance.

Our social media consultancy experts will review your users’ journey from pre-click to purchase, then make recommendations based on our findings.


These can include optimising your creative output, suggesting new audience groups and even trying new emerging channels. We want to reassure you that you are on the right track plus make suggestions for new, exciting opportunities.


Our social media consultancy and audit team cover everything from trends to industry opportunities, competitor performance and audience requirements.

Audit your internal team or external agency’s social media performance

Our social media marketing consultancy is thorough and discreet so whether it is being compiled for your internal use or on another external agency, you can rely on our honesty, transparency and tact.


We can help you determine opportunities and obtain value for money from your current campaigns.

We carry out comprehensive audits across all social media channels to help identify the correct ones for your organisation.


With extensive experience, we can advise on strategies for new channels such as TikTok, as well as more established channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Consistent brand message

Our team can help develop effective multi-platform strategies to ensure all your marketing activity is sending a consistent message to your audience.

Audience analysis

Are you using the correct social media channels for your target audience? Are you targeting the right audience groups? Is your audience engaging with your social media campaign?

Creative best practice

What topics are you posting about? What distribution formats are you choosing for your content? Is it optimised for each platform?


Are you tracking the right metrics? Are you using your Analytics data to inform your social media activity?

Using a range of paid-for social media tools and native data (from the platforms themselves), we can provide you with a snapshot of social media performance across channels and campaigns.

Whether a one-off project or as part of ongoing consultancy, Anicca provides expert social media marketing consultancy and audit services.

Why Anicca?

Our expert team has many years of delivering social media insight and analysis. We regularly deliver audits on the results of in-house teams and other agencies, as well as our own team’s performance.


Trust us to deliver meaningful insights and commercial recommendations for improving your social media performance.

We class social media audit and consultancy as a service of our Discovery phase. Learn more about what other areas of services we can offer.


Our four-phase process makes it easy to understand how we work. Regardless of which services you require, we will fit your needs into one of our four stages; Discovery. Launch, Optimise and Manage.

Our Client Case Studies

"We've used the Anicca team for several projects over the last few years, from audits to training, and each time has been an absolute pleasure and a roaring success."​

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