Social Media Audits & Consultancy

Social media audits and consultancy

Social media accounts may be quick and easy to set-up but - as many businesses find - it can be a lot more difficult to achieve significant results from social media. Our expert social media team plan and implement effective social media campaigns for a variety of B2C and B2B companies.

Although our social media campaigns all follow different and bespoke plans based on the objectives of each business, they all start with the same thing: a detailed social media audit.

Taking your business and your social media objectives as a starting point, we analyse your current social media activity and presence, look closely at how this is aligned with your key objectives and benchmark it against your competitors.
We will closely examine your social media channels and identify the characteristics of your top performing content - in terms of key metrics such as traffic to your website, conversions, engagements and brand awareness.

Why is a social media audit important?

As a research and data-driven online marketing agency, we believe that the insight gained from analysing and auditing is an essential part of the planning stage of any campaign.

Our strategies are successful because they are based on thorough research and analysis, which enables us to deliver the most effective campaigns tailored to your business and audience.

Using the insight we gain from the audit process, we make informed recommendations based on real and actionable data that can make all the difference to your bottom line. This information is priceless for any business whether working with an agency or running campaigns in house.

Why is social media consultancy important?

It may be that you already have an in-house marketing team that just need a little guidance, or maybe you’re looking to create a social presence for your brand.

We can support your staff in ongoing activity, providing support and advice to drive higher performance that aligns with your marketing strategy.

Whether you need to build a business case for further investment in social, develop an effective roadmap to reach your objectives or better understand where you should focus your social media activity, our experienced consultants are on hand to help you maximise your social media spend.

Our approach…

We make our social media audits as detailed as possible no matter whether it’s being compiled for your internal use or within campaigns being run by our team. While audits may differ depending on the level of current social media activity they generally include the following:

  • Review of your current social media activity - whether you are just starting to build your social media presence, or your current audience isn’t delivering the results you want. We can help to identify not only the right target demographics but also the best platforms to reach them on.
  • Whether your current activity is in line with your business objectives. The best results come when all your brand messaging is consistent. Our team can help develop effective multi-platform strategies to ensure all your marketing activity is pulling in the right direction.
  • Detailed analysis and breakdown of the content you post across social media – what topics are you posting about? What distribution formats are you choosing for your content?
  • Detailed analysis of the audience you are targeting and attracting – are you using the correct social media channels for your target audience? Are you engaging your audience on social media?
  • Analysis of any paid social meida activity, and what returns you are getting from your ad budget
  • Measurement – are you tracking the right metrics? Are you using your Analytics data to inform your social media activity?

We carry out comprehensive audits across all social media channels to create audience and objective-driven strategies for our clients. If you’d like us to take a deep dive into your social media data, get in touch.









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