Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns

Looking for an experienced social media team to manage all your social media channels?

Maybe you just need some expert input to provide direction to your in-house team?

Whatever your needs, our social media team are here to help.

Our effective social media campaigns are always based around your business objectives, and are focused on delivering a return on your investment.

We use insights gained through micro-content to build intelligent creative campaigns that drive real business results.

We currently work on campaigns for a variety of different B2C and B2B businesses – from large ecommerce brands to local SME’s. We position our campaigns to become what your audience is interested in, not to interrupt what they’re interested in.

We currently run effective campaigns across a variety of social media channels, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

For more information about how we can help your business make the most out of social media, get in touch with the team now.

Our approach…

The social media campaigns we run for our clients are always designed around their individual businesses requirements, objectives and budget.

We work on a collaborative basis with our clients to ensure they are involved in every step of the campaign, and can help to train in-house teams in all aspects of social media marketing – see our latest Social Media Bootcamps for more information.

Although our social media campaigns are designed around each individual business, we generally follow a tried and tested formula to maximise results:

Baseline activity

Baseline activity is the basic level of the campaign and involves us taking up the day-to-day management of your social media channels. We will regularly post content that is designed to retain and engage your current audiences, priming them for spike campaigns…

Spike activity

As well as the day-to-day management, we will also develop ‘spike campaigns' that are aimed at making a wider-reaching impact on your target audience and drawing new audiences in or working to convert your existing fans. This activity is based on a huge amount of research and will be designed with your business objectives very much at the forefront e.g. drive conversions/sales, increase brand awareness, increase rates of engagement etc…

This tried-and-tested approach has been designed to deliver intelligent digital campaigns underpinned with effective planning, as the tiered strategy allows us to build a solid foundation to launch the ‘spike’ campaigns to greater success.

For example, the ‘always on’ baseline activity will focus on driving brand awareness, equity and audience data. This would be executed predominately through content marketing and paid social media techniques.

The spike activity will encompass a wider array of digital marketing channels and be split into four phases: awareness and data capture, early acquisition, peak and post peak.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to social media, which is why we develop bespoke campaigns that suit our client’s goals and objectives.

Whether you need help building and maintaining a presence across the relevant social media channels, or require our technical expertise to help guide and optimise your current activity, our experienced team can help.

Depending on your audience, we can also develop campaigns across more niche and sector-specific social networks.









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