Student Recruitment For Universities, Colleges & Bootcamp Providers

We can help you cost-effectively recruit students and learners for your undergraduate & postgraduate courses, specialist business training and skills bootcamps. A  cost-per-student payment option is available when recruiting 50 learners or more.

Our Student Recruitment Services

Since December 2021, we have recruited and trained over 300 learners on our Digital Marketing Bootcamps and we currently have further contracts to deliver over 130 additional places in the next 6 months. This experience has allowed us to test and fine-tune the digital channels that we use to attract learners and all the other processes required to cost-effectively recruit large numbers of learners, or their employers. 


As a result, we are now able to offer these recruitment services to other training providers that want to cost-effectively recruit learners for a whole range of courses and bootcamps. Based on this success, we have already partnered with De Montfort University, North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and the UX Design Institute to provide a mix of consultancy and learner recruitment for their courses and Skills Bootcamps.


We are confident that we can help you with your recruitment needs and we even offer a cost-per-student payment option for recruiting more than 100 learners in a single cohort. 

You can read more about our recruitment services below or you can complete the contact form to book a free 1-hour consultation with our recruitment consultant.

Effective learner recruitment for training courses & skills bootcamps – What to expect:

  • Experienced marketing and recruitment team
  • Choice of one-off projects, seasonal campaigns or rolling contracts (ideal for larger student numbers)
  • We can enrol 30 to 100 learners within 4 weeks, or have an monthly contract to deliver your ongoing student enrollments
  • Options to pay for our management fee and ad spend or on a Cost-per-Student basis
  • For most courses, the total cost will be £150 -£300 per learner, including set-up, ad costs, and management charges, with discounts for larger cohorts
  • Targeted recruitment strategies for minority and disadvantaged groups
  • Pick & Mix Service, including initial free consultancy to understand your needs

Are you new to running skills bootcamps and need help with recruiting learners?

We specialise in recruiting learners and trainees for Skills bootcamps, which can be a mix of employer-supported employees, self-referred employees, self-employed and unemployed learners. We can also recruit from minority or disadvantaged groups, such as the unemployed, BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) communities, younger and older learners.

We understand the importance of effective bootcamp recruitment, which is why we provide all the necessary consultancy, paperwork, ad creative, and forms to make the recruitment process as easy and efficient as possible.  Typically, we recruit a cohort of 30 to 100 learners, within one county and over 3-4 weeks. We recommend recruiting 30% more learners than you want to start; in ordert to allow for screening, initial dropouts and to reach your the first payment criteria.  


If required, we can scale rapidly for national schemes and we offer discounts for training providers and universities that are recruiting larger numbers of students.

Find out more about our student recruitment services

Our student recruitment service can be used for:

  • Traditional student recruitment for undergraduate and post-graduate courses (Universities, Colleges and Training providers); focused on getting students to attend open-days or apply online
  • Specialised business courses aimed at companies and their employees; focussed on getting businesses and learners to apply online
  • Learner recruitment for the grant-funded Skills Bootcamps designed for training providers, Universities and other intermediaries, such as LEPS or Councils; focussed on getting businesses, employees, the self-employed,  or unemployed learners to apply online.

Complete this form to request more information or up to 1-hour free consultancy:

Our full recruitment service includes:

Set-up and consultancy

  • Onboarding meeting to understand your objectives e.g. online applications, event sign-up or to provide further information
  • Course recruitment and delivery plan (including students numbers, tasks, responsibilities, budgets, timelines and KPIs)
  • Landing page design (this can be hosted on your website or ours)
  • All other supporting resources, such as online forms, email content, contracts etc.
  • We supply the ad creative and online lead-generation form

Campaign delivery using digital marketing channels

  • Optimisation of campaigns to encourage online applications, event sign-up or to provide further information
  • Processing of enquiries including emailing instructions on how to apply
  • Online application form (including advice on design)
  • Handover of applications to your team or ongoing application management (see below)

Optional management of the learner application process:

  • Handling enquiries and any screening processes
  • Contracts with electronic signature (if required)
  • Tracking sheets and reporting.

Depending on your specific objectives and internal resources, you can mix-and-match the parts of our recruitment service that you require.

Contact us now on [email protected] or complete the form above to book a free consultation.

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