URL Builder Tool

Create custom, trackable links through our URL builder tool and learn more about the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.


Custom links are used to track performance for links for campaigns on PPC, social media and content campaigns.


Add UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters to your URL so you can indicate the campaign source, medium and campaign to capture reporting data which can be accessed via Google Analytics and other analytics platforms.


With UTM parameters, you uncover a huge amount of detail about the performance of your campaigns. You can find out which adverts, social media posts or content is working.


NOTE: This tool uses a fixed width window designed for desktops, unfortunately it is not mobile responsive.

How to Use the Google Analytics URL Builder

Just fill in the following boxes with relevant information about your URL and generate a unique URL which you can track in Google Analytics.


URL – the URL you want to add parameters to. Include the http:// or https:// prefix depending on how your domain is configured


Campaign Source – the source/referrer of the URL. This could be Google, a social media platform like Facebook or a content distribution platform like Outbrain


Campaign Medium – the marketing medium of the traffic. This should indicate a specific post, advert or email


Campaign Term – used for PPC campaigns, this is the paid keywords or terms covered by the advert. This is an optional parameter.


Campaign Name – this identifies the specific name of your campaign – this could be the name of a product you are selling or an offer you are driving traffic to


Campaign Content – the name of the individual advert the URL is promoting. This helps make your reporting even more granular and A/B test ad copy. This is an optional parameter