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Vélobici is a small local manufacturing and ecommerce business selling high performance cycling clothing. We have been providing their PR including the launch of their new Continental cycle, which they developed in collaboration with Kyklos.


  • To raise awareness of Vélobici, a leading cycle-wear clothing brand and manufacturer of premium bikes.
  • To launch the Vélobici-Kyklos Continental (high end cycle) to the press and consumers, target demographic of 35+ male, £60,000+ earners and enthusiastic amateur cyclists.
  • To generate interest and website visits measured by an increase in both organic and direct traffic to the site as well as social media engagement.
  • To generate leads and sales measured by direct leads from ads and ecommerce sales

Our Solution

We arranged for a Facebook Live event with owner Chris Puttnam to capitalise on the brand’s 22k followers.  We also implemented a full Influencer, Outreach & PR campaign to encourage review, trial and featuring of the bike within sector titles, websites and blogs.

  • Press releases and newsletters to generate awareness of Facebook Live event
  • Paid social launched 3 weeks ahead of Facebook Live Event – leveraged to drive clicks to website and enquiries (lead generation ads)
  • 7 day countdown to raise awareness of Facebook Live event, build an audience and to crowd-source questions for the live Q&A
  • Facebook Live: Official first look of the bike
  • Personal reviews of the bike – press visits

PR Coverage to promote launch


  • Number of cuttings: 16
  • Eyeball on article: 28.9K
  • Social shares: 322,000
  • Total readership: 3.8million

Coverage in key cycling publications and European titles including:

  • Cycling Weekly
  • BikeBiz
  • PaperBike
  • Arueda (Spanish Online Magazine)
  • The Times

Pre-promotion Facebook Ads

Teasers of the bike to draw users to see the bike in full via the dedicated landing page or Facebook Live

Optimising Facebook advertising for lead generation

  • Hitting the “Subscribe” Call to action allows users to fill out a form within the ad to show their interest in the bike, for follow-up by the business
  • Relatively unexplored ad option
  • Carousel of images offer a snapshots of different parts of the bike to act as a teaser, to encourage users to visit the landing to view the bike in its entirety
  • 156 leads generated captured via lead ads

Launching the Continental with Facebook Live and video Q&A

Impact of Facebook Live:

  • 8,320 organic reach
  • 2,549 organic video views
  • 124 interactions
  • 24 viewers comments


It would cost £650.00 to reach at least 8,300 users through Facebook advertising, optimised to deliver video views.

Results from Facebook Live campaign

  • Reach: 322,741 (increased by 280%)
  • Total engagements:11,260 (increased by 91%)
  • Clicks to website: 6,776 (over 7x KPI)
  • Conversions/ Enquiries: 156 (over 15x KPI)
  • Average CPL: £5.37
  • Video views increased by over 1200%


  • Uplift of 6,934 sessions in 24 days (+164%)
  • Over 300% revenue uplift between 6th July and 25th September
  • ROAS of 11.2 on total spend of £3,000

Take a look at the live video from the launch of the Vélobici-Kyklos Continental here.

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