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With the sheer amount of material available online, it’s more vital than ever to ensure your brand is creative with its content marketing efforts. To make sure your business stands out amidst the deluge of content available, it’s time to ensure your content is built with creativity and follows a well-structured plan.

Becoming a successful creative content maker can be time-consuming, especially when you and your in-house team have so much else to focus on. Our campaigns are centred around the needs of your company, developed with your specific business goals in mind.

As with all aspects of our service, our creative content is supported with data. With us, there’s no more creating pieces to put onto your website and being unsure of the impact on your goals. Our creative writing is structured around your marketing campaign, always with a backbone of data-driven strategy behind it.

Creative content marketing ideas for your business

As one of the top creative content agencies in the East Midlands, our approach to producing great content is to use data collected from your site, such as your most popular or most under-performing pages, plus research conducted by our expert team and creative brainstorm sessions to drive creative content marketing campaigns that work for your company.

This data-focussed approach enables us to find trending topics for content writing and generate creative marketing ideas, all whilst concentrating on key topics, dates or retail periods, ensuring we’re always producing the best possible content for our clients.

We work on a fully consultative basis with our clients, and offer flexibility in our approach to campaigns, working with your in-house team to plan and implement creative marketing ideas that work to your brief and ultimately, help you to achieve your business goals.

How we implement our creative marketing campaigns

Wondering how to make your own creative content? Here’s what we do for clients:

1. Keyword research and analysis

Using a range of tools, we will see where to focus and how to win a presence on search engines with creatively written content that hits search terms and informs users.

2. Competitor research

Finding gaps and opportunities for creative content writing by examining your competitors, and look for ways to increase your presence in these areas, too.

3. Creative brainstorms

We gather our creative writers, SEO and social teams for regular ideation sessions to help support your strategy.

4. Experiment with new or different content writing formats

From interactive pieces to quizzes to data visualisation, content isn’t just about blog posts any more.

5. A/B content testing

Using our expertise in Conversion Rate Optimisation, we are able to test which content formats work best, before launching a larger campaign. Not sure if an idea will work? We can use data to make informed decisions on performance and track it once it’s live.

6. Collaborations

We instigate partnerships with other brands, publishers or local networks to increase the impact of your brand, on a local, national and international scale, depending on the needs of your business.

7. Utilise multi-channel campaigns

Integrating your content marketing creatively across all your digital channels, such as PPC, you'll get the most out of your creative content ideas.

8. Distributing content

We make sure the content can be distributed across social media platforms or picked up by other sites, often combined with PR, for valuable backlinks or citations from across the web.

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