UX Audit Services

Work with Anicca’s UX consultants to determine to strengths and weaknesses of your website design and functionality.

UX audits for webistes of all sizes

A functioning, effective website is one of the most important assets for any business. Our UX (short for User Experience) services allow you to understand how your website is performing from a customer perspective, from storytelling and brand to navigation and sales process.


Our UX reviews can work for websites of any size or age. The Anicca team have a wide range of experience as UX consultants and can audit your website using the following four criteria;

  • Usability 
  • Visual design 
  • Content 
  • Performance and Optimisation 

What is UX and why is it important? 

UX (short for user experience) is the science of looking at a website from a customer or end-user perspective.  It can highlight how easy or difficult it is to navigate a website, find information or complete a purchase. 


It can help identify any barriers to purchase (for example, is your p&p price too high, is the Buy button not obvious) and provide the information to rectify them.

We can offer two distinct UX audits; 


  • Starter UX review 
  • A full UX audit of your website


The Starter audit is for smaller websites, providing an overview of any issues and recommendations to fix them.

The Full UX Audit is a deeper dive into more complex e-commerce websites and can include Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


Take a look at some of the ways we plan and carry out this process for maximum reach.


Can users find the information they need on your website? And most importantly, can they complete a purchase? Find out your barriers to conversion with a UX audit. 


Find out which content is engaging users and enabling customers to find you by conducting a content review from a user and a Google perspective. 

Visual Design

Can your website be read by everyone, including those with learning difficulties and disabilities? Is it visually appealing and laid out clearly? 

Performance and Optimisation

Are some pages performing better than others? Do you need more internal links to encourage users to find out more? 

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency, we have been looking at websites for over 15 years, so our UX consultants, and wider digital team, can easily tell what works and what doesn’t. 


We are one of the top 3% of digital agencies that have been awarded Google Premier Partner status, allowing us Beta trials of new functionality and early warning of any updates. 

We are also a Microsoft Advertising Partner for businesses with a significant audience share on Bing and can also optimise for DuckDuckGo and other ISPs.


So, what are you waiting for? Order a UX starter review or full UX audit today to maximise your e-commerce sales.

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“Anicca is simply one of the three best SEO companies in the UK. Anicca has grown into a full service agency and I frequently recommend them to other businesses.”

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