Feed Optimisation

Product feed optimisation for ecommerce

If you are selling or advertising your products via third party channels such as Google Shopping, then it is essential that your product feed is as optimised as possible to help maximise your ROI.

Here at Anicca we have a team of experienced PPC experts on hand to help set-up, submit and optimise your data feeds on an ongoing basis.

What is shopping feed optimisation?

Feed optimisation is the process of making sure your product feed is fully optimised so that it performs as effectively as possible.

Depending on what the feed is being used for (e.g. Google Shopping), there are many different aspects to feed optimisation, but we have outlined some of the most common optimisation practices below to give you a better idea…

Populating missing data fields

Some platforms have required fields that must be filled in e.g. product title, price, availability etc… and having just one missing data field can result in the entire feed being rejected.

We will crawl your data feed and populate any missing fields to ensure your feed is accepted.

Title and description lengths

It’s never an optimum user experience to have product titles and descriptions truncated, so we will make sure the data in your feed fits with the character limits set by the shopping platform.

Optimising title and descriptions

These need to be optimised in line with the keywords and search terms your prospective customers are using.

Test and improve images

Product images are very important so we take time to not only make sure all images in your feed work and correspond with the product, but to also test variations of images to find the top performer in terms of conversions.

Data accuracy

It is important to make sure all the data in your feed is accurate, as Google will regularly check that the values in your feed are correct and will remove items that are not e.g. showing the wrong price.

Our approach…

Although there are some tried and tested practices we have developed over the years, we find that every business requires its own bespoke strategy when it comes to creating and managing product feeds.

Our PPC team will therefore set-up and optimise your feed in line with what you want to achieve e.g. more sales overall, better conversion rates, lower costs per click, increasing sales on particular products/categories etc…

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