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Effective Event Management

Virtual, or with people attending, a PR event has the same goal, which is promote a brand, service or news. The overarching and tangible value of this PR tactic is getting your message in front of a large number of your target audience at the same time, whether these are journalists, bloggers, customers or your wider stakeholders.
Having your PR team running the event management is an effective way of ensuring the right contacts attend; having the right materials, such as press releases, FAQs or infographics, and supporting the creation of online materials such as blogs and insight pieces to help raise online awareness and support your link building strategy.

Supporting Total Event Management

Having an event needs investment, from venue costs to the time taken to produce collateral and liaise with attendees. There are a number of steps needed to make sure this type of opportunity is maximised. This includes creating messaging, having clarity around your objectives and developing a range of supporting materials.
A key part of PR event management is ensuring the relevant press are sent information and invited to attend. We would secure face to face interviews on the day of the event with target press and get any requested soundbites. We can also support with media training and message development as required.

The Right Audience

Who’s on the list? Even at virtual events the right media contacts need to be on the list and the team at Anicca is able to liaise with them on your behalf.

Perfect Event Timing

Your second step for consideration has to be around timing, announcing your news at the most appropriate point to result in timely coverage.

Supporting Materials

We’ll provide event attendees with press releases, statements, brochures and imagery. This information will be in their inbox before they look for it, with any additional information requested prepped and ready for them.

Attendee Management

Our team will mange follow-ups and firm up coverage opportunities, issuing supplementary information as needed – we can also use this time to set up interviews and get any feedback on your behalf.
Not only can we run your event, create the materials to support it and manage your press liaison, the wider Anicca team can help further amplify your campaigns according to the KPIs you are looking to achieve. For instance, our technical SEO team will make sure your website is fit for purpose, executing site audits to maximise your online visibility and ranking.
We also have analytics experts who can check your data and recommend changes to increase performance. And our Paid team will promote your site via PPC and amplify social content with Ads across your chosen channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. All activity has one common goal, to meet and exceed your KPIs.

Why Anicca?

What sets Anicca apart for event management and the range of services we offer? Well, not only do we have an experienced team, they have hands-on experience across a range of B2B and B2C campaigns, supporting clients in a number of industries.
Anicca is an integrated agency meaning that we have PPC, Analytics and Paid teams who will ensure delivery of the best campaign for your business. Whatever the digital marketing objectives you are looking to achieve, contact us today to find out how we can help support.

Our PR Results

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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