SEM Days 2015 – Strategies for increasing pay-per-click and AdWords performance on mobile devices

Mobiles are now the device of choice for customers in most countries and especially for using social media, searching for local companies and researching products and services. Although the volume of visits can be high the conversion rates do not always match this.

So when you are using PPC and especially AdWords, it can often be hard to justify mobile campaigns based on metrics such as cost per lead (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS).

During this workshop Ann will provide practical tips on how to maximise your return on mobile for the following sorts of paid search campaigns:

  • Local businesses – where the target is increased calls
  • Researching products – where the target is increased sales or visits to your store

It will include some of the innovative ways that mobiles can be used in combination with AdWords and shopping campaigns to increase sales.

Content of the presentation

Part 1: Introduction (why mobile is important)

Part 2: Options for PPC for mobile

Part 3: Strategies for different types of business

Part 4: What’s new?

Download the presentation below: