aniccast #5 – GA4 – Getting started with Google Analytics 4 with Ed Truman

In this episode of  Anicca Digital’s #aniccast, Ann Stanley (Founder & CEO of Anicca Digital), talks with Ed Truman (Head of Analytics and CRO) about getting started with Google Analytics 4, or more commonly called GA4.

Ed will be bringing you up to date with the current status of GA4, highlighting the key GA4 reports you need for your day job, as well as mistakes to avoid.  Ed and Ann then discuss some of the key aspects of using this new platform.
You need to understand the main differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics, as GA3 will be retired by July 2023!  So, are you ready?

They also discuss the benefits of using Looker Studio (previously Data Studio) and why we recommend using 3rd party connectors and server-side tracking to get the best out of your data.

The full webinar on this topic can be viewed at:


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