IRX Webinar (January 2024) – Technical Innovations That Mess With Your Marketing by Ann Stanley

  • Ann Stanley, Founder & CEO of Anicca Digital, was invited by the team at IRX, to present a webinar on January 29th, 2024, talking about “The latest technical Innovations that can mess with your marketing”.


Ann presented a detailed guide to some of the crucial changes that have are will impact ecommerce marketers:

1) Measurement, Tracking & Privacy:

  • Google Analytics (GA4 vs GA3):
  • Cookie Management and Google Consent Mode V2:
    • The presentation addressed the significant changes in cookie consent modes, specifically Google Consent Mode V2, which must be implemented by March 2024. This necessitates marketers to obtain explicit consent from website users to ensure consent is given before any tracking cookies fire (in line with GDPR)
    • She explained how Google is recommending the use of Cookie Management Platforms (CMP), to ensure that you are compliant
    • The implications of these changes are substantial for marketers as they navigate compliance and tracking efficacy, as Google is now threatening to turn ads accounts off in March if they do not comply
    • You can also find out more about Google Cookie Consent Mode V2 at this webinar from ED Truman
  • iOS Privacy & Cookie Blocking:
    • Ann pointed out the challenges posed by iOS updates that have heightened user privacy and reduced tracking capabilities.
    • She highlighted the importance of finding alternative methods to collect user data and the impact of these privacy measures on marketing approaches. She explained how you can implement server-side tracking and Conversion API (CAPI) to overcome the lack of data caused by these updates

2) Generative AI and Impact on Search and SEO:

  • Search & AI Combinations:
    • The talk explored the intersection of search and AI, particularly focusing on how generative AI, such as ChatGPT, is impacting SEO practices and search engine results. Ann shared insights on how AI is reshaping keyword research and content generation.
  • Google Search Generative Experience (SGE):

3) Google Ads Automation & Keyphrase Targeting:

  • Exploring Automated Performance Max Campaigns:
    • Ann Stanley delved into the different types of paid search campaigns, including Dynamic Search Ads (DSA’s) and Google’s automated Performance Max campaigns, which utilise machine learning to optimise ad placement without relying on manual keyphrase targeting.
    • She emphasised the growing importance of website content as a signal for ad relevance.
  • The Synergy Between SEO and PPC for Optimised Content:
    • The talk concluded with a discussion on the convergence of SEO and PPC strategies.
    • Ann proposed that as Google Ads becomes more automated, the content on a website will increasingly serve as the foundation for both organic search rankings and paid ad visibility.
    • She urged marketers to leverage this synergy for optimised content strategies.

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